I hate mummy for bringing me to the clinic.

I had an operation yesterday. I don't know why mummy sent me to the clinic. I ran and jumped but mummy still forcing me. She is violating my rights! I could have call the authority but because of my fleshy paw I couldn't press on the button. The injection was so painful and the stitches on my stomach irritate me! I'm not in the mood to talk, to play, to kiss and to hand! I say no to the shitty food! It smells like dead meat and I have the right not to consume it! I'm angry with mummy, I rather to sleep with grandma, might as well I stay overnight at grandma's than sleeping in the same bed with daddy. I'm afraid she'll bring me to the clinic again. I don't know when I want to talk to mommy and daddy, so don't bother to ask me. So, now hand over the ice cream. - Joker Chan, the cutest Pug.