The fishermen.
I was waiting to choose my fishes on the deck. :D

fishes :D

The seafood in Sandakan is so much cheaper gawk I can afford to have seafood feast myself even without my parents paying for the bill. The restaurant gets seafood supply directly from the fishermen and apparently they are not exaggerating about the freshness about seafood. All the fishes are newly caught and the next second they are served to your table. 

Baby hammer shark.

Male crab and female crab.
My dad's friend taught me how to identify male and female crab.

Nom-Nom :D

The market price for 1kg of crabs in Seremban's restaurants is about RM40 to RM45. We don't get to choose and the choices of gravy are limited. Baked Crab is the most famous meal in Seremban, but as only the common cooking style in Sandakan,  this can beat it easily not only the gravy, but also the price.

Mantis prawn.


I ate Mantis for 35984720275 times but it never be that delicious like this. Mantis shrimps never be my favorite food because Mantis before this is tasteless and flesh-less.

The fish served. Thumbs up. Fresh and fleshy.
I went to this restaurant twice. The first time was when the day I arrived in Sandakan, the second time was a day before the departure date. I'm not sure where it's located but as what I heard and understand it's located at "8 mile". It's a famous fishing village in Sandakan. I already planned to bring my Drummer Bee and siblings for a second trip to Sandakan, probably by the coming Chinese New Year, if only my family is not going to overseas for CNY celebration and if my dad willing to sponsor me MAS ticket. And talk about MAS, one thing I love about it is the plane is spacious compared to Air Asia and the meal is better. :)

Land Below The Wind
Off for snorkeling.

My belly button got bitten by random fish here.

PS: this is the 3859374 times I clarified that the photo above is taken by Olympus PEN EPL-1. It's not copy+paste from the internet :P