Greeting people.

Apparently, I've been drifting away from blogging ever since I came back from Indonesia. Chinese New Year is around the corner and frankly speaking, I do not have the opportunity to go for a massive shopping with mates.

This year, I am not able to celebrate Chinese New Year, specifically giving out angpaus to all our family and friends. The Chinese believe that if you have a family member departed within 100 days starting from the first day of Chinese New Year, it is advisable for not celebrating anything which I don't really know why. It's a tradition. My grandfather passed away last November.

Many unexpected things happened recently, it shocked me like I've been struck by the lighting strikes. One of my daughter passed away last 19 January 2010, 0935pm. I was extremely devastated and I couldn't stop blaming myself. It took me few days to accept the fact that she is gone forever. I felt that she had just went out for a walk and she shall be at home anytime. I felt empty inside and my life is incomplete without her existence. I went through hell for stopping myself for having my tears rolling down the cheek whenever I think of her. It is such a devastating heartache.

Mumble is a mixed breed of Sharpei and Bull Mastiff. Her parents passed away about one year ago. Mumble is diagnosed with kidney failure, tick fever and flu. Due to her genetic issue, she wasn't in good shape albeit we fed her with vitamins and sufficient exercise. Tick fever is evil. It takes one tick bite and it can caused fatal sickness to your dogs. Her white blood cells percentage increased to 80% instead of 50% because of one tick bite.

Throughout these, I have better knowledge about taking care of the dogs. First, vaccination and Heartguard are crucial for their health. Bring them to the vet once a year for injection and also body check up. Make sure they have balanced percentage of white blood and red blood cells. It's easy to notice if your dog feels uneasy and unwell. If they are acting abnormal and unusual for quite a period, please take for a check up before it is too late. I never missed any of their medical appointments. She was once getting better as we fed her with iron pills which produced red blood cells. But, we can't fight it.

2008-09-28 884
Before one year old.

2008-09-28 994

2008-09-28 945

2008-09-28 976
She yawns alot.

2008-09-28 920

2008-09-28 929
Her favorite sleeping style.

2008-09-28 991

2008-09-28 982

2009-02-06 5

2008-09-28 997
Her chicken suit.

2008-09-28 1004
I don't think she likes it.

2008-09-28 1020
Bring her for a walk.

2009-03-15 2

2008-09-28 937
Bubble war.

2008-09-28 1053
Asking for food.

2008-09-28 1059

2008-09-28 1044

2008-09-28 964

2008-09-28 1061
Her first big pillow.

2008-09-28 1066
Happy Chinese New Year.

2008-09-28 1068
Lion dance :)

2008-09-28 1070
For photo illustration only.

2008-09-28 1083
Mumble's 2nd Birthday

2008-09-28 1101
She wants more.

We were just celebrated her 4th birthday with Joker after we came back from Hong Kong. As usual, we bought her a cake and also her favorite, a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. We would never missed her birthday every 20th October albeit we tend to missed Roche's birthday which is on 8th January.



First take.

Second take.

Third take.

Group photo.

Birthday song for Mumble and Joker.

Make a wish Mumble.

Daddy, can I eat now?

I'm happy daddy and mummy.

She is a champion. She is the leader that always walk ahead from the rest of my daughters. She is charming, she is adorable and everyone loves Mumble. Last year Dogathon was our 2nd family outing and we were actually looking forward the Dogathon this year. She was recognized by the volunteers and it's my honor to accept compliments from others about her. She is obedient and intelligent. She would never allow whoever to argue verbally with us. She is protective and understanding. She knows how do I feel and she would comfort me with her ultimate cute and innocence face.















It's her spirit and we shall go for the Dogathon this year although I don't find the motivation to go. Mumble had made my life so meaningful and lively. She was to blamed for nurtured a thought that dogs are easier to take care of. Mumble doesn't poo and pee in the garden, she doesn't bark all the time, she are not annoying, she is clean and she eats almost everything. When I got Roche, a Belgium Shepherd, holy cow why isn't she acts like Mumble?! Then Joker, she's such a princess and I don't think people will afraid of her. Shortly after that, Gambit joined the family and I was partially lost hope in her as I expected her to be as intelligence as Mumble. But, believe me, every dog is unique and they are not alike.

Mumble is my princess and I knew she had fought with all her sickness tremendously. She had several major operation due to internal infection before she was even 2 years old. I prayed to GOD that she can make it through as I have many plans to be done with her. I embraced the life with her, she is an angel and she won. I thought I could spend 10 more years with her but GOD took her from me. I am devastated and hopeless. I couldn't believe it but as time goes by, she is better with GOD now. I dreamt about her that night and she is in her best condition way before those operations. She waved her tail happily at me and I can feel that she can't wait to play. I am happy for her sincerely albeit I can't feel my heartbeat when the moment she stopped hers.

Now, I just need to wait for the time arrives as I will meet her soon in the future. Dear God please take care of her as I am not by her side right now.

Mumble, we love you so much. Rest in peace.