Hello everyone. Technically, this blog had been abandoned by the author for quite a long time. Well, I had been spending my last 10 days and isolated myself from the blogsphere, which I feel no difference as I was occupied with many activities, such as fishing, biking on a scooter, partying, drinking coconuts and everything simple thing that crossed your mind at the moment. Not saying that I will be quit from blogging, but sometimes you just need to take a short break from what you usually do for living.

1# : We have no choice but travel with AirAsia to Pekanbaru, Sumatera.  More stories about it later.


#2 : Sultan Syarif Qasim II International Airport.

Hun was guarding my favorite luggage.

It took us about 6 hours from the airport to my motherland. I meant, my mother's motherland. It was 6 years ago since I last came, the village has been changed so much and it is improving. It used to be a bad-bad land which basic facilities not provided. No electricity, let it alone water supply.

Reached safely.

#3 : It wasn't a sunny day. In fact, it had been windy and comfy during my days in Indonesia. We bought few packets of ice-blended drinks immediately when we saw this stall outside my cousin's house. Most of the family do not own a fridge, nor a blender. Having unlimited access to ice cubes is like a fortune that not every family could afford of.

My favorite always be caffeine drinks. I ordered coffee ice-blended. Amazingly, the taste is good and by taking the first sip you would never realized it was actually all made from a small packet of ingredients.

Hun was deciding which flavor.

1000 rupiah to 2000 rupiah for each flavor.

Pepsi Blue.

4# : During the afternoon, we drove to the nearest town named Duri for some groceries. Buying a car there seems impossible but most of them owned scooters or motorbike. In Indonesia, it is called by the name of Honda. They would find it hard to understand if you say motorkar or motorbike. The petrol is cheaper. After the conversion, the price for a liter is about RM1.70.

Convenient pack.

Instruction. Milk powder and spoon are provided.

Ready to drink.

Still remember I mentioned most of them don't have a fridge at home?

Different sizes of bottle.

5# : Compared to Malaysia and Hong Kong, the price of soft drinks are slightly more expensive in Indonesia. Back in my village, they hardly have clean water. Their daily housework such as washing clothes, dish plates, mopping the floor are done by using groundwater. We take water from the well that is commonly built in the bathroom. Generally, boiled water in Malaysia is saved to drink but there, they drink distilled water. Optionally, we drink Teh Botol.

The famous teh botol. 3000 rupiah for each.

Our isotonic cold drinks during the stay.

#6 : Apparently, we are like apes to them or vise versa. They do drink coffee or tea mixed with an egg. I bet it will make me diarrhea till death. In case I might be coming home like a dead salty fish, I left the drinks to the men in the group.

Teh telur.

Kopi telur.

Interested? Try this at home. Mixed your cup of tea or coffee with a raw egg.