Gambit is my 4th daughter and she is not Alaska-born.

And you are right, it's my daughter's birthday! Describe about her; she is indeed the dumbest daughter among them, she is big but clumsy. She hardly walk properly as she has thick fur under the paw and she tend to 'skate' instead of walking like a four-legged creature. She likes to bite your lips, sometimes french-kiss you. She is friendly and playful; she doesn't bark, she howls.

She was so little the first time I saw her. I got to pick a Alaskan puppy from the cage and I picked her. I have waited for at least 3 months before I bring her home as the breeder advised that she should be with the mother for the first 2 months.

I didn't put her under intensive training as my other daughters did. She doesn't do tricks and she eats a lot. According to the Wikipedia, a Alaskan Malamute can haul to 250KG of weight and I'm not sure if it is true, I never try that before, neither her.

I named her Gambit because I was attracted by the poker player (Gambit) in the movie "Wolverine". Furthermore, Gambit have this unique fur pattern around her eyes which make her looks like a tricky player. Thus, Gambit is her name.

Their favorite : Boston Cheese Cake.

The 3rd daughter, the mummy and the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday to you Gambit!

Give us more, mummy!


It is indeed not an easy job to take care of a Alaskan. First, their thick fur and ohmygod you should have seen what happened during their shedding period. I can make few fur coats out of it. They lost their undercoat all year around due to the warm climate and during this intense period, I need to comb her hair/fur regularly to reduce its shedding. Consider that I don't even comb my hair twice a day but I comb hers twice a week  and it took me about 2 hours to comb, collect the fur, comb again, collect the fur and finally clean the floor before I take my shower.

Believe me, if you are a busy owner, don't ever consider to bring a Alaskan home. I've made my research before I took her home and I take my responsibility to take care of her. A huge fan installed, a big dog house built and bought 30KG of premium dog biscuits because it contains fish oil which give them nutrition for a better coating.

Not forgetting to mention the hiatus of giving her a bath. Get a professional hair dryer or you'll burn all of those caplang hair dryers and you know you'll buy a professional hair dryer eventually, so save your money, go for a better hair dryer and a quality brush/comb just for the Alaskan of yours. And no, I don't use a hair dryer and comb, umm maybe twice a year; occasionally. That is why I can't share a dryer and a comb with her.

PS : Alaskan Malamute is not Syberian Husky, they look alike but they are different breeds.

We love you, Gambit.

Seriously, do you really think all my dogs have weird name? Mumble, Roche, Joker, Gambit and Penguin. Weird meh? I think very unique and cute lo. I named my first pug as Joker because she has a very funny face; my second pug is named as Penguin because she is chubby and cute like the villain character in "Batman" series. Suit them, right?