Greeting from Seremban. It's been awhile my blog had been left behind as yours truly was busy watching all the movies in her list. Within 3 days, I've watched all the latest episodes of my favorite series. Grey's Anatomy, CSI New York and Gossip Girl. I watched "Burlesque", "Devil" and "Cyrus" and finished noming on my junk foods that kept in the kitchen. Maybe this is what we call "leisure time", perhaps?

So alright. Unlike most of you, I did not celebrate my Valentine on 14th Feb this year. Seriously, I think this is rather a convenient way as Mr. Valentine and I were working on that day, I wasn't able to be at home until 9 on that particular day, so I suggested why don't we meet the day before and have a good dinner instead?

The Entrance


Irish Oysters.


Guancette di Wagyu Australiano Cotte Con Fagilio Borlotti E Il Suo Bacon

Can find this from their special menu.

Martini Ai Quattro Cioccolati

Are you done with your photo shooting?

Not yet!


When we were done with the dessert, four different type of chocolate in martini glass, I handed him a gift box. He was shocked because I've warned him that I do not have sufficient time to buy him a Valentine gift and as a replacement, I've made him a handcrafted card, a colorful one, indeed. But I just like to give him a surprise.

Every year I cracked my head to think of what to buy as his Valentine gift. My Valentine is a big boy that love toys and you should check out his Nerf Gun collections and M&M figures. So, this year I decided to get him a camera, a LEGO digital camera.


The bad news is, I've tried to connect this camera to the computer but it seems like the hard-drive of the camera is malfunctioning and no photo is located. I've sent it back to the dealer and hopefully they can replace me a new one. It's indeed the oh-big-flaw of our Valentine. =/

And so, if you would like to dine in with your partner in Nero Vivo, it is advisable that you place a reservation.
3a Jalan Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 2070 3100
Opening Hours : Noon - Midnight (Except Sat) / 6pm - Midnight (Sat)

Nero Vivo is best known as one of the best Italian Restaurant in town that serve authentic Italian cuisines also a wide range of wines. We did not order wine but a glass of Orange Juice. To be frank, I have zero idea about wine, (if you may excuse me,) I ordered a glass of Orange Juice instead.

I reckon that Nero Vivo is one of the recommended restaurants to spend a wonderful evening with your loved one. Check out their special menu of the day too.

Say hi to my daughters, Joker and Penguin :)

Happy Evening readers.