Morning everyone, greeting from Seremban, it's Sunday today! Hopefully that today won't be raining, I washed my clothes and I want it to be dried before the evening. *fingers cross*

The home is not a home without my beloved mummy. After more than 10 years, she decided to leave us here alone........ she travels with her friends to Hainan. The house is indeed empty and I can always expecting her either sitting on the massage chair or cooking in the kitchen when I arrived home; but what I can hear now is silent.

So alright. My sister isn't at home most of the time as she is a University student. She left her things at home and one of it is her Choco Instax Mini. It was her 21st Birthday gift from my boyfriend but since she is not using it, so I decided to order a packet of Instax Mini Princess Film!

Order today, pay today, receive the next day.

My all-time favorite model.

The twin!

Recently, I started to check out the games and applications that been downloaded since the first day I got my iPhone. Frankly speaking, most of the applications and games were downloaded by my boyfriend so I don't really know what is inside until I check it out. Found many interested applications and I filed it accordingly, the rest had been deleted. One of my favorite applications is Photo Mess, and I've used it to create a personalized home screen for myself. I meant two.

Like this. 

Nice? Nice? Nice? And the other one is similar to this but this is even better. And so, some little updates of my first Ice Skating class in Sunway Pyramid.

I conclude it as : 
ice skating is fun; ice skating class isn't fun at all!

The basic is not all about gliding, it is about gliding the correct way. I tend to put most of my body pressure to my right leg and it is oh-so-tiring-and-painful! I've learned gliding forward and backward in a S shape, balancing which you glide straight with one leg up and this is tiring. Fortunately, I haven't fall down yet, yeah, I mean I haven't fall down yet. As what I heard, all the students will fall down eventually during one of the classes. In addition, I am so gonna buy the figure shoe. Public shoe sucks max.I thought it should cost about RM200 to RM300 but I was totally wrong. A pair of figure shoe for beginner costs about RM900. Still decided to buy it since I really want to master this skill but haha my size out of stock! Haha for ten times! Now I can money for my lomography camera instead. Big big smile oh!