Hello Monday. Hello everyone. It's been days after the recent post. I think I repeatedly mentioned in my Facebook page about the Fish Eye I received from my boyfriend as the Valentine's gift and how excited I was, waited eagerly for the film to be finished/snapped and finally, the film is sent to be processed yesterday after the oh-man-bila-nak-habis-ni-36 snapshots!

The I Love You Edition Fisheye 2. Guys you can still check this out from Ripcurl.

This is the film I used. Recommended for beginner. RM68 per pack, 3 rolls per pack.

10% off normal priced items for Ripcurl members. Including the films and accessories.

The problem with Fish Eye is you'll see a black spot at the bottom of photos due to the big lens. I'm not sure how to avoid it but it's presumably that it can be avoided if the photo is taken under sufficient lights (check out photo #2).



"B" setting.
Select the “B” setting and hold down the shutter release. As long as you keep it pressed, the shutter will stay open. Place the camera on a steady surface and hold the button for 1 to 5 seconds. Snap and that's it (check out #4).








Multiple exposure.
Shoot an image straight on and then press the multiple exposure button. Shoot another image. Both the images will overlapping, and that's it. Scroll to the next frame to take a new shoot.


Oh, yours truly and the boy.

Fisheye 2 is much more fun compared to Golden Half and Diana F+. Firstly, Diana F+ is quite complicated and my previous record using it was only 1/16 succeeded. Which mean only one photo out of sixteen. Golden Half is a toy camera that allowed you to snap double or half frame images on a full frame photo. And that's it, I guess. Fisheye 2 has lots of tricks and you actually can take different artistic photos with it.

Obviously I am a beginner and I was only able to do simple multiple exposure. This time I will use my Diana F+ flash instead and let's see how it goes. Stay tuned babes.