Happy Wednesday everyone. the weather here is cozy and it comforts me, when things comfort me, I see things differently. I see beauty inside everyone and I started to be cheerful and positive minded. So when I have positive mind, good things come to me. One of the best things that been happened to me is I found interest in Lomography.

Regarding that,  I finally received my 3rd toy camera on Monday. Kind of a cheerful kick start for Monday blue :) Please bear with me my current addiction is collecting toy cameras.

Your Preffered One-stop Solution.


Superheadz Golden Half


Now it became a new addition to my content of my daily stuff in bag. Golden Half is a toy camera that able to capture two half-framed image in a full-framed print. To make it even easier to understand is : 72 images for a 36 films. This time, I use a expired 36 film to experience the fun of Lomography. But, frankly speaking my favorite is still Fisheye 2.

Snap here and there.

And my mummy is back finally! She was out for a week, which is 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes and 604800 seconds. The house is indeed quiet and undoubtedly a home is not a home without a F.A.M.I.L.Y. I won't tell my parents that I missed them but damn I missed them so much when they are not around and I feel emotional when I don't see them. Sadly to admit that sometimes I am a mommy's boy girl.

Asam Jawa from Hainan that look like maggot.

My mom bought a lot of candies. I love candies. My dogs love candies. Everyone loves candies. She bought me cute purse and accessories too. I got to pick first because my siblings weren't at home when she unwrapped all the souvenirs, teehee.

My dad called almost every hour when my mom was in Hainan. I teased him that he might be jealous of his wife traveling around while he is working overseas, away from the family. I should have tagged along if only I wasn't hooked up with events three of the days they traveled to Hainan.

Sigh. I regretted. She said Hainan is so much fun and I wanted to be there too!