Greeting from Seremban. Last week had been a devastating week indeed. First, Japan was hit by earthquake and tsunami. The aftermath is heartbreaking and no one knew how many had been injured, how many of the victims lost their homes and family members. The death toll is rising and body bags are everywhere. What I can do to ease their pain? We can do anything to help them, but a sarcastic and brainless comic published in Berita Harian few days back. Personally, I think whoever actually like the comic is distasteful, irresponsible, disrespectful, cold-blooded, uneducated and mindless. We (Malaysian) are on news again! International news wei!

Secondly, I am currently going for ice-skating class; last Friday was my second class. I was lucky or you can call me a  potential ice skater as I managed to stand still and did not fall down during my first class. I wasn't impressed as many of them actually started to learn triple or quadruple jumping. I have faith in myself and believe that I'll be learning that awesome skill in the soonest time but hey, I had a massive drop last Friday and all I could worried of is whether the ice broke due to my massiveawesomeembarassingkindofdrop.

Day 3.

And this is only one of the bruises. I have that on both my knees and ankles. Stomach upset and backache throughout the night, I watched movies all night as I couldn't sleep. My parent was so worried that I am going to die in sleep. Seriously, no joke.

I thought I was gonna give it up during my first class but after this significant drop, I think I have more guts to do it. I learned new skills which it is quite awesome to me because I would never able to do it without attending the classes.

The ice skating academy is open as early as 6am during school holiday and we as the student can start practice by that time till late night. If only we stay in the arcade for the whole day. I as the beginner I don't think it's necessary to be there early in the morning. As far as I concern, other students are preparing for national-level competition that held in April. My instructor is planning to push me for another competition in June but I told her I am not going to make it. Like seriously, in June? I don't think so. Furthermore, I will only getting my figure shoe by May, and it costs me RM3000.00. Half month's gone.

And so, the film in Golden Half finished finally! It was a 24-film and I took 48 snaps, I mistaken and thought it was a 36-film. It already sent to the shop to be processed and hopefully the photos are good.

At last, #prayforjapan, people!