It's a hectic week. Came back from Hong Kong last week, as what I expected, my mail box was fulled with handy information regarding coming event-planning and waiting for me to chew on. It's one of my pet hates, you had fun in paradise and you are strike with cruel reality when you're back on ground. I am full-charged like a triple-A battery, so I'm on it! No, it's a lie, I want paradise, still.

So alright. This is the second time for my Disney experience. Talking about my first Disney experience, it was a terrifically memorable experience, despite the super hot weather. While this time, I had an awesome enjoyment and magical moments with its 5th Year Anniversary!

I've taken plenty of photos using my PEN, Diana Flash and Sprocket. I've picked few of it for this post, so you guys be ready to feel suffocated with more Disney posts in the next few days, I want to share so much things with you!

Never thought I can be here again within 7 months.

The crowded entrance.

The park is crowded with visitors compared to my first time visit. Disney offers Stay2Days ticket for hotel guest, I would suggest you to purchase it and you can visit the park for 2 consecutive days during your hotel stays.

Guess which one is mine?

Our names are printed at the back for verification purpose.

The Disney Train, never hop on before.

My favorite street, the Main Street, USA.

Photography shop, bakery, souvenir shops, restaurants and many more.


Got a fake smile on my dumb face because I was sick.

What's his name, again?

My Disney Stars!

The band that performed in the parade!

Star Guest frame

I was walking around in a random shop in Fantasyland, this cast member approached me and asked if she could take a picture with me. Definitely I said yes!

Thanks to the Birthday badge pinned on my shirt, almost all the cast members wished me Happy Birthday and gave me all sorts of small gifts. I was terrified and felt privileged :)


Tinker Bell's Pixie Follow, but she wasn't there.

So I syok sendiri.

And I met him!

The Parade was canceled due to heavy rain. Felt a little bit turn down and hungry, my suggestion was to have GCB outside but the boyfriend suggested to have our meal in park instead.

The Corner Cafe, the same restaurant where I had my Halloween meal set last year.





Don't have the chance to meet more characters during my first day in Disneyland. I was rather walking around, went for their shows instead. This day was also the last day of Pin Trading Fun Day 2011. Apparently I did not manage to find more interesting pins because there were all traded during the first 2 days! At last, I kept most of my pins and waited for the next day.

And I was wearing a newly bought jacket from Izzue which cost me RMfivehundred plus and now I'm still thinking why I bought it. I have this blue kind of feelings after that but what done is done, the bill is in my closet, the pain is crafted in my chest. Please tell me I have done nothing wrong, please.

For more Disney post, stay tuned. Have fun reading this, people!