Good day fellas! I hope my photos aren't overloaded and you guys able to digest. Trillions of photos taken in the park! Differently from other bloggers, I'm the untalented one and don't know how to use PS! Please bear with the not-so-nice photos as below.

My favorite Disney Star!

My first day in Hong Kong Disneyland was unpleasant! As I mentioned in the previous post, there was a rainstorm during the day, the parade was cancelled! Bought a red colored Mickey-themed umbrella that cost me HKD160, a small one indeed. I could have bought the raincoat instead, I did not because the raincoat costs about RM50 each if I'm not mistaken. Talk about daylight robbery!

Heavy rain please go away next time when I come again.

During my previous visit to Disneyland last year, I've got the opportunity to watch the parade from different sides! Entered the park for the 2 consecutive days, conveniently stood at the different sides and took trillions of photos! 

The parade was cancelled; money got ripped off thanks to the umbrella and what so. Despite all that, I got to spend my afternoon in the souvenir shops! Instead of heading back to the hotel, I repeatedly took a stroll down the USA street.

And I saw this in one of the shops:

all handmade!

Can you see the sparks?

Some of his artworks.

How I wish I could bring a big one home. The prices are a little too high. Let's see if it's worth to keep.

Wodden Ariel.

Ariel turned into human.

Belle, Beauty and the Beast.

The eye catching crystal castle.

Nice or not!

Went back to the hotel after that. Took a short nap before we entered the park again at 7pm. Although it's too early for the firework but it's advisable to reach earlier so that you can save a slot for a better view in front of the castle.

A random shot of my newly bought shoe.
That was me with the Birthday badge. Sorry didn't take any photos of the fireworks using my digital camera. I was handful with my analogue cameras, yes, it's plural. I'm like a psycho who bring so many analogue camera which I don't really know how to use it, but whatever.

Celebration In The Air!

USA Street!

Not forgetting to mention that I was down with skin allergic after the rainstorm. I was almost wet from the head to toe, didn't bother to dry myself I was all headstrong and exposed myself under strong air-conditioner and pfft! Will never ever do that to myself again.

Apart from their 5th Year Anniversary Celebration firework, you should have seen the

Tinker Bell Castle Illumination




Firework shows started after that. And so, during the fireworks show, we were given a pair of illumination-glasses, the firework show was sparkling and  diamondized, shit I don't know how to describe it but it was so super mega beautiful! 

After the show, we took a train to Citygate and hunted for Mc Donald. I have been craving for GCB ever since saw the advertisement! Unexpectedly, the GCB was much more cheaper compared to our Chicken Deluxe set. But unfortunately, yes unfortunate to me as they don't offer refill for drinks. I tend to share my drinks with my loved one.

Decided to call it a day and we took the train back to our hotel. When we reach the Disney station, the park had closed, it was a cold night with strong wind. I can't wait to sleep under the warm comforter!

Hollywood Hotel

But before that, I had a surprise when I got back to the hotel room! Intended to put it under one post, thinking that it will be a super long post so I decided to separate it from this post. Before signing off,

Good night love.

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