Well, it's been a hectic week. I have class on every Fridays until 8pm. Events are not packed recently, so I currently helping my friend to supervise her business, which means I am not available from 9 to 2 every day  since I will be in that shop. Thus, my activity in Twitter and Facebook is not frequent as usual.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I wanted to buy a pair of ice skating shoe but my size is out of stock. The stock will be arrived in May, and I just got it last week, finally! The blade is indeed killing throat, it's more expensive than the Italy made leather shoes. Just a little information here, ice skaters change their shoes instead of the blades because the blade is made from stainless steel and carbon. It can last longer than the leather shoes.

I always have stalkers whom come with bad intention. There is a girl who is so thick face to tell one of my friends that she wants to learn ice skating too, and demand the friend to ask how much is the fees and accessories cost like, well, to the particular you, stop being a loser, I'm telling you now here, read it lines by lines. Frankly speaking, why not get a life instead of stalking into mine, fat loser? Like what my friends said, this fat loser is living under my shadow. Whatever.

First, I highly suspect that this loser set up a plot. She told a friend that not even in the place to be informed that "I am taking ice skating too and check out the price for me!". Why should this friend of mine gives a flying fuck about this loser is taking the class or not? Apparently she is expecting this friend to inform me about this.

It's not the money that matters. Is not the fees that matter, also let it alone the skating shoes. You are trying to be me, that's is why people are feeling sad for you. Get it?

Oh well,

The Kong sisters'

It's extremely boring to practice on my own every Sunday morning. I have the center rink to practice all the styles taught by my coach but I have no one to chat with. Lucky to me, I have the greatest sister in the world, she spent her scholarship on a pair of ice-hockey shoes and accompany me every Fridays and Saturdays since 2 weeks ago. And she is going to accompany until the last week of her semester break! Months is what I mean.

Happen all the time.

I feel so sinful as I am having so much fun sitting outside the rink and watching people fumble, and wave their limbs in a very clumsy way trying to stand steadily, and fall down eventually. I fell during my first 2 weeks skating on the ice, blame it on the public shoes because of the uneven surface of those blades. My skating started to turn better since the 2nd class but I still fumbled and fell during the crossovers back and forth. I had bruises on both my knees. My first fall was fatality serious, I can still feel the pain until now even though the bruise faded.

My sister started to skate like a skating student. She is indeed a popular girl, many ice hockey players approached her and taught her the proper to skate, to glide, to turn and to crossover. People came to me to ask if I can teach them, what the hell. I've made some new friends there and they are so friendly and nice. I find that they are being supportive and helpful, my sister and I learned many new things from them.

Mother's Day just passed, how was your Mother's Day celebration? To be truth, my siblings and I had a simple dinner with our princess-mommy and bought her for shopping. Nothing fancy.

iPad 2

This is not mine. Bought this iPad 2 for drummer bee's mommy. Decided to get her a 32GB wifi instead of the wifi+3GB. In order to have a multi simcard to be inserted into the iPad, the bill will be charged RM15 every month. And so, my idea was to upgrade the latest firmware of her iPhone, and she can set it to personal hotspot, which the iPhone will turned into a wifi modem, and internet connected!

Still considering of getting one or not.

It's an evil month to me. T.T I feel like crying. Have I mentioned I just spent RM8k for my previous Hong Kong trip? Double GG.

First, I spent on the skating shoes and accessories, then the iPad 2, and beforehand, I just had a shopping with the Kong's princesses in Sephora, Starhill.




Elder sister's.



This is the faces!

People said we look significantly the same. Twins.

My younger sister is prettier, apparently.