No,they are not twins. Joker and Penguin are not from the same parents.


I first saw Joker was when I walked into a pet shop in Kuala Lumpur. She was so tiny and so adorable. I never like buying pets from the pet shops, to be truth. As I concerned, most of the shops have that budget issue, thus they don't really feed the pets properly. I think it's an animal abuse, let it alone the breeding process.

Their favorite toys.

Joker is my first pet I bought from a pet shop. She was 6 months going 7 months, nobody has interest in getting her due to her abnormal face and body figure. She is slightly look differently from the Pug family.

Dogs will be sent under breeding programme once they reach one year old. It's presumably that Joker will be sent away as a victim of breeding programme if she doesn't have any buyer. The shop insisted to sell her with RM1899. I can't imagine her turning into a breeding machine. There was a little voice inside me whispering to me that she belongs to me, what the fuck so I brought her home.

She is now happily stay with my family. My parents love her so much, my dad has her photos in the mobile phone and he always show it to his working colleagues and praise how cute she is. My mom cooks her rice with delicious gravy, she is overweight and that's why my brother always chase her from behind just to make her keep running in the house. At nights, she will either sleep with me, my mom or the boyfriend of mine. In an air-conditioner-ed room. Yes, just like a princess.


Penguin is the second pet I brought home from a pet shop. She was left in the shop by the previous owner due to her serious skin disease and UTI. Her urination was infected, she can't urine normally.

The previous owner made her a breeding machine since she turned into an adult dog. I couldn't contact the owner as he/she refused to leave the contact to the shop owner.


 I assumed that Penguin never undergo any treatment, let it alone vaccination and heartguard. I brought her to the veterinary immediately and put her under skin treatment and vaccination.

The previous owner is nothing more than an irresponsible moron. The shop owner was told that the age of Penguin is 3 years old but referring to the doctor, it's presumably that Penguin is now 5 or 6 years old.

Penguin was kept into a messy cage all the time before she met us. She drank the pee and picked up the poo. She is not treated well, but tortured life was given to her.

Not forgetting to mention that the previous owner still want to sell her off with 300 hundred ringgit! 

Penguin with her favorite toy.

On Joker's evening bed.

All my dogs welcomed her. Joker shares her toys and bed with Penguin. They sleep together, even though they get jealous easily but they never hurt each other.

I'm like an angle, you see.

One of my dogs passed away last January. I cried every time I thought of her. Her name is Mumble, a mixed breed of Sharpei and Bull-Mastiff. I sent her for treatment with an irresponsible veterinary doctor. The doctor did not offer full body check up, until Mumble's weight dropped rapidly, the blood level is so low and caused severe sickness. She had been a fighter but she couldn't fight this time and left us.

Dogs are precious. I love going home and welcomed by these adorable four-legged kids of mine. Sometimes we share foods together, we watch movie together and shower together.

The princesses.

Many tell me that Joker has attitude. I think they're referring to her face expression.

Watcha looking at?