I never a fans of F1 races. I know peanut about F1 and when you know bits about something, you lost interest in it, logical? From my point of view, all racers are identically look the same. The racer suits and the helmets. The cars look the same to me, especially when they 'vrooom! vrooooom! vrooooooooommmm' all became one white line like a shooting star on the racing track. Can you recognize who is who by then? Frankly speaking, the only racer I can recognized without the helmet is Michael Shcumacher, I know I am so back outdated.

To be frank, I can remember him because when I was back in secondary, one of my friends named him as Michael Shoemaker, so that's why. Laughed so hard but it's undeniable that this is the one of the best ways to remember someone's name.

So talk about my latest favorite movie, the Fast 5.

These are what interest me more. Nissan GT-R, Nissan 350Z/370Z, Honda NSX, Subaru STi and more. Not forgetting to mention Lamborghini, Mazda RX series, Porsche 911, Aston Martin and the list goes on and on. All these cars realistic and can be seen on the road, I can recognized of the cars in the list and when you know something, you interested with it, logical? Somehow, I wish I could GT cars event but I always missed it.

Been attending events lately. First, I attended the Femma Fatale Japan Super GT Party happened on 2rd June 2011, Zouk Club.

Yours truly with her newly bought jacket.

Did not dolled up for that night. A biker, perhaps? Collected my ticket at the entrance with a door gift, the red cap. I reached there 30 minutes before the event starts, and

The night is still young!

Not occupied yet. The dancing floor was empty, no music that makes me bounce my feet. I was a little bit earlier that night but lucky to me that I can have my own table to rest and waiting for others to flow in.

It's DJ Eva in the house! The songs are quite catchy and I feel my beats. The night was heated up with the appearance of,

Blow my speakers up tonight.

The Finalists of GT Queen!

And your favorite is?

The climax of the night!

Japan GT Queen!

Never expected that these 2 beauty queens can sing and dance! They are like performers, like artists. They greeted us with their oh-so-sweet-my-heart-is-melting-voice and most of the guys got so excited!

"Hi everyone! We are Super GT Queens! " So cute!


Kawaii neh!

The highlight of the night. Cars, cars, cars, and performance cars!



Left : Nissan 370Z; Right: Nissan GT-R.






Aston Martin


Caught my eyes.

Bumble Bee!



During the night,oOther than car displays and the appearance of GT Queen,the organizer also gave out Super GT tickets for free! All we needed to do is to be first one on the stage, answer a simple question and the ticket is yours! Easy?

Most of the models shown above will be raced for Japan Super GT this coming 18th and 19th June 2011, Sepang.

Just an intro, in case you need these:

Racing cars will be divided into two categories, which is GT300 and GT500. For cars below 300 horsepower will be categorized under GT300 while for cars under 500 horsepower will be categorized under GT500.

This is a 2-days event. For more details, check out the banner below:

I have three tickets in hand and I already have partners to go with me, yay! I jumped out of excitement not only because of the tickets, but the limited edition Japan Super GT Touch N' Go that comes with it!


I always believe good thing comes in a pair. Within a week, I received another invitation for 2 pax to another round of GT party in The Hill, Damansara Heights.



And here, I walked away with the special edition cap and T-Shirt, and one Super GT ticket!


So you think you've missed a great party? Shhooo no! I'm here to announce that there is another one last round of partying in conjunction with Japan Super GT that will be held on 18th June 2011!

Meet DJ Mayumi, the Number 1 DJ in Japan and also DJ Chrissie from Hong Kong in Femma Fatale GT After Party 2011!

Grab you tickets from I Love Discounts before the tickets sold out! Be ready to stomp the floor with the flow till we see the sunlight!

All thanks to ILOVEDISCOUNTS, I am now soon going to have a TWO fabulous days with all the beautiful racing cars and my partners. You can now still grab your Japan Super GT tickets from selected 7-Eleven and meet me there!

For further information on ticketing, click here.

So will I see YOU there?