Thailand is more than just a shopping heaven. It was such an heartache to see the beautiful land is now heavily flooded. I have friends whom permanent residents in Thailand and all my thoughts to them! Do sincerely hope that everything will be better soon. Due to the flood, we did not visit the Grand Palace as well as famous temples in Thailand. Such a waste, I know.

Instead of local delicacies that truly authentic, we had meals in shopping malls for the first few days. Tom Yam Gong was nowhere to be found in the city centre. I was searching for delicacies that highly recommended by the local people but many of them told that I should go to the Old Thailand ,which is the flooded area.

So during this fine day, I suggested to try out the noodle stall just located outside the hotel where we stayed, FurumaXclusive Sathorn.

There are variety of noodles to choose from. My heart goes to Kuey Chap, a different version of the normal Kuey Tiow.

Add as you like.

400baht with the drumstick.

My travel partners.

Had my first drink of the day from this stall.

Thai version of Economy rice.


Wasn't sure if this kid goes to school. She smiled all the time guess she was puzzled what I'd been asking her. It was still early in the morning, and normally by the time kids are supposedly having fun in pre-school or primary school. I saw her almost every time I passed by this restaurant.

It's one of the busiest area around my hotel as there are many banking building and offices. The restaurants and stalls were packed during lunch, luckily we had ours before theirs.

The Banana Stall!

Yummy, but no thanks.


It was the 'Vegetarian-Eating period' during my vacation. The yellow flags that indicated vegetarian stalls were seen everywhere in Bangkok, especially the roadside stalls.


The significant sign of Thailand.

Damn, I look short here. Must be there clothes I wore.

It's a shopping day to Silom area.




And again, I was too busy searching for bargains in the mall. No photo of my shopping journey. My eyes were nearly sprained and my Bee's arm almost broke due to the excessive weight of shopping bags. We randomly picked this stall outside the mall and had our first dinner outside.


It costs us less than RM35 for this dinner. We've ordered a large portion of Tom Yam, half chicken, a whole fish, a big bottle of Pepsi, 5 bowls of rice, a buckle of ice which is not for free at all, and prawns. A reminder for first-time visitor to Bangkok, they tend to charge you more than you should, which mean they usually charge you extra 100 baht or more from the bill. You should check the bill everytime the food is served and recalculate the bill before paying it. We were charged extra 150baht. We pointed it out and immediately the girl gave us 100baht discount from our total bill amount.

This is the Pepsi I mentioned.

The girls wanted go to the ladies so while these gentlemen waiting for us outside, they played arcade game.


Before the storm came.

Night market!

I was supposedly to get my nails all done here. It cost unbelievable cheap! I've chose my nail arts and while waiting for my turn, we felt rain drops and decided not to do it instead.

The Bangkok traffic. Massive!

Heavily rain and we were stuck in the station. The night was super cold! The floors were wet and we all can't wait to get a hot shower, so we decided to purchase rain coats from station kiosk.

Took the photos below. It was such an coincidence that we bought a green, a yellow and a red rain coat! The Bee didn't buy one but ran back to the hotel with all my shopping bags. He got to be the first to have shower and the rest of us fought to be the second. When the rain stopped, we walked to the nearest 7-11 and bought few long foot sausages and instant noodles as supper. Frankly speaking, 7-11 in Thailand are much better than ours, not forgetting to mention they sell more instant food and better service!

Like a traffic light.

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