I'm finally back to the scene! Wonder how many of you actually realized that I had been missing in action since weeks ago? It was such a depressing period living without my iPhone! I can't check mails and social accounts regularly, and not forget to mention those gossips that I had been missing throughout the weeks!

Should stop ranting about it since I already got a new phone. So, this was the first time bringing all my furkids to the beach. They never been there or should I say to a beach. I knew about this gathering from the Facebook, I hope more events coming up so that we the dog lovers can gather together!

Wondering if you guys able to recognize which one is Penguin and Joker?

Penguin, the younger Pug.

Joker, the elder Pug.

Gambit, the Alaskan.

Give me paw, pals!

First attempt to the water.

It was so hilarious seeing my furkids hesitated and afraid to touch the water. But after the first attempt, they love it!

And they were so excited about it!

Ready for running competition.

Run Roche Run! Look at my sister's face expression - the winning expression!

As expected, Roche is the Champion again! Not saying that others can't run but apparently Roche is from working group and she's a genuine Belgium Shepherd. She speeds and response fast.

The furkids and sister.



I feel so grateful and totally touched deep down inside looking at their happy face. It reminds me of Mumble, I miss her so much, I hope she had learned how to use Face Time from Steve Jobs up there and we could contact each other regularly. Mumble, please take care of yourself before we meet again.

Come to mummy!

Admiring them.


"Gambit! Look!"

"There's a chick!"

"Come on we play together! We won't bite!"

Gambit with wet fur.

"Mummy said don't go so far.."

I'm elegant and gorgeous.

Got that pink colored backpack from Bangkok about a month ago. Inside there we kept tissue, treats and toy for her own use. Maybe next time I should get her a handphone instead, lols!

While the giant dogs were having fun at the beach, the twins were chilling on the bench with my mom.

Sleepy Penguin.

The pretty mom and Joker.

It was so much convenient to carry Joker with that carry bag. Joker sometimes lazy to walk, or she walks too slow. She prefers to be carried that way, I guess. And she wasn't choked, that was just her excessive fat at the neck. When we brought her out from the car, a kid approached her, caressed her and talked to my mom. I overheard he asked : "What dog is this? Why looks like a pig?" We were speechless, including the parent of the kid.

Time for group photo!

Ready kids!

Prize-Giving ceremony.

Joker and her newly made friend, Chris from Puchong.

Generally, sands stick to wet fur but as for my furkids, they moved around and get off the sands before entered the car. Alternately, you can comb their fur and wait for the fur to fully dried out. We covered the car seats with few layers of newspaper, and on top of that, we covered with a cloth. Make sure you bring enough clean water and food to make sure your furkids are not starving as dog biscuit won't be served.

Before everyone was getting ready to go, we had a seafood dinner at Golden Sea Restaurant. Dogs were tie to a long buckle rope prepared by the organizer, but my furkids were with me all the time, guess it was a privilege for obedient dogs and they seldom bark.

Feel free to share with me any of the events that I can bring my furkids along, till then.

I'll be back.

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