Been waiting for it since I was back from Melbourne. Finally Starbucks Malaysia is launching their very own Starbucks Card on 7th November 2011!

And also, Starbucks will start the Christmas promotion from 8th November 2011 to 9th January 2011. Throughout this period, new menu will be introduced in conjunction of Christmas Celebration with Starbucks Malaysia. One of my favorites menu is Red Velvet Teen Cake, an adorably delicious cake filled with white chocolate cheese moose and wolf berries. Other than that, you should try the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha (hot and cold beverages) and Toffee Nut Latte (hot and cold beverages).

Starbucks Card shown above is one of the most common design out of 2 different designs, at the moment. You may wait till they release Christmas Edition Starbucks Card which come in 2 different designs, Red and Blue Snowy color.

Why should you get a Starbucks Card?

1. Speed of service. There no cash transaction involved. However, if the credits are not sufficient, up to 5 Starbucks Card can be combined and pay for the bill!

2. Loyalty Program. Just to point out few of it :

A complimentary Grande size beverage for every 10 handcrafted beverages of any sizes. Must be redeemed within 90 days for each complimentary drinks.
A complimentary slice of cake for the user's birth month. Can be redeemed any day of the month only.
A complimentary handcrafted drinks of any size with every Tumbler purchased.
A free whole bean/a pack of 12-sticks VIA with every 8 packs of whole bean/12-sticks VIA purchased.
A complimentary Grande size beverage for a whole cake purchased.
Stamp collection for annual planner.

3. Reload-able card. Treat this card as cash. Can be reloaded at the counter unless the system is down. Check your balance on-line or from the counter before purchase any drinks.

How to get a Starbucks Card?

1. Purchase a Starbucks Card from any Starbucks Outlet. RM20 for each and the money you paid is usable as credit. Which mean by paying RM20, you can have the card and credit of RM20 inside the card.

2. Reload your Starbucks Card. Minimum is RM10. Maximum up to RM500 for each card. Due to the reload system, only RM10, RM20, RM30, RM40, RM50........... and 5 piece of RM100 is allowed. You are not allowed to reload the card with RM12, RM19 or RM25, same goes to other amounts. As for those reload a RM100 (one time reload), you will be given a free Starbucks Card Holder! There are Red, Black and Brown to be chosen from.

3. Activate your Starbucks Card. Go to the counter and ask the Barista to activate using their system. Before activation, the card is not usable. You may purchase your Starbucks merchandise now!

4. Register your Starbucks Card. Go to to register. This registration is so important to secure the credit amount inside especially when you lost the card.

What if I lost my Starbucks Card?

1. Have you registered your Starbucks Card? Yes. You can deactivate your Starbucks Card immediately on-line or call to Customer Care Call Center at 1300-80-8989.

2. Once you have deactivated your Starbucks Card, the credit amount inside will be remain up to 90 days before you transfer the credit to a new Starbucks Card. Which mean, there is no card replacement at all. And if you have another Starbucks Card registered under the same name, the credits is transferable to the card instead of a new card.

3. Your Starbucks Card is not registered. Then sorry la! Unless someone kind enough to return the card to any Starbucks Outlet or directly to the office, or else all your credits are gone. But I would suggest you to call the toll free line, 1300-80-8989 and ask if they could offer any help regarding that.

4. And if your card is found and return to an outlet, your card will be only kept up to 48 hours. So make sure you make a special arrangement with the call center if you can't collect it within the period.

Anonymous used my Starbucks Card and my credit amount deducted.

1. Have you left your Starbucks Card anywhere? To secure your credit amount, always remember to keep the card with you all the time because this card is like cash money, there is not identity clarification, such as name or signature at the counter.

2. If you are not satisfied, you are always welcome to call the toll free line instead of arguing with Starbucks Barista because they aren't the one who supposed to responsible for your careless action. 

What if the magnetic stripe malfunctioned?

Nearly impossible. Starbucks in Singapore and Australia do not face much problems regarding the magnetic stripe. Do not bend, do not scratch, do not burn, do not sit, do not cut or everything that possibly spoil the stripe, your Starbucks Card is certainly fine and perfectly to be used in Starbucks nationwide. Remember, take good care of the card as there is no card replacement for any reason.

Basically, to sum it up, get your Starbucks Card at RM20, reload or not depending on you, activate the card at the counter THEN register it on-line to secure your credit amount inside. Just all that, a piece of cake!

Everyone Loves Starbucks.

Apparently, my Starbucks Card hasn't been activated yet as now is still 4 days before the official launch. I am planning to get the Christmas Edition instead! On a side note, this Starbucks Card is only usable in Malaysia. On top of that, starting 1st January 2012, HSBC and Jusco Card Holders are not longer entitled for discount anymore. Bad news huh.

Alternatively, you may purchase a Starbucks Tumbler and entitled for a RM2 off when you hand the tumbler to them. Some of the tumblers come in various sizes, from 8oz, 12oz, 16oz to 20oz. I have three at home, one Venti size, one Grande and another one is Tall size. Go Green, Save The Environment people!

Personally, my all-time favorites handcrafted drinks are Dark Mocha Frappucino and Java Chip Frappucino. My preferred pastry/cakes/sandwich are Chicken Finger Sandwich, Chic O Cheese and Caramel Chocolate Cake. How about yours?

Disclaimer : I'm just a fan of Starbucks. Starbucks Malaysia did not authorize me to promote or to release any news regarding Starbucks Card. All written above are plainly my understanding about the card, for further and accurate details, kindly visit

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