Despite my irregularity of blogging, I still have regular readers according to the blog statistics. I have no way of knowing all of you but I really appreciate it. Things happened recently, it's demotivating. And having my iPhone sent for repair (home button and battery issue), I felt like I lost an arm. I can't do my regular email-checking, Facebooking, Twitter and Instagram! It's a bitter medicine that ought to be tasted by a Twitter addict like me. Other than that, I was supposedly go for a movie screening with one of my favorite bloggers weeks ago, but my car broke halfway. What a lucky day! Oh.M.G I can't contact him, I do not have his contact numbers in that second phone so I have my BFFs to tweet him instead! I remembered one of my BFF's number, called him and got him to tweet Henry Lee on behalf of me to inform that I can't make it for the movie. What a brilliant idea for such an emergency.

And so, this is another random dinner I had in Melbourne. BFF brought us to this famous Italian restaurant located in Lygon Street.

Gusto means "taste" in Italian.

Location : Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne.
Phone : (03) 9663 2792. Click here for menu. 

No thanks.

BFF, don't ever forget to bring back my Coke Diet!

Complimentary garlic bread.

Fettuccini Carbonara for myself.

Beef Lasagne for the sister.

Beef Bolognese for the BFF.

I do not find it hard to swallow as what written by many in some food reviews on the internet. The food are perfectly cooked and the sauces are up to the standard. The service I would say ordinary as the staff weren't constantly around and ready to serve.

After the dinner, we walked to the museum for Melbourne Winter Festival! Heard about it when I first reached the airport but I was so keen about skiing at Mt. Buller so did not intend to go; My skiing plan canceled at the last minute as I do not have any proper jacket or thermal clothes to keep myself from frostbite or drop dead buried myself into the thick snow.

Entrance to the indoor woodfires lounge.

Chilling inside the Lipton Chai Latte Lounge.

Delicious and exotic dishes from up to 20 winter-loving countries!


Cowboys on your service today.


So tempting!


20 mini Dutch pancakes with cream, icing sugar and Nutella!

Nom nom on 6.50aud mini pancakes! [and an empty container of beer]

The Royal Exhibition Building

This year, the location of Melbourne Winter Festival 2011 landed between Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building, from 18 August to 4 September. There are variety of Winter packages [from AUD15] for you to choose from. I've bought the student package [about AUD28] which consisted a 45 minutes skating session, skates hire, a cup of hot chocolate and a special edition Winter Festival mug!

The entrance to the outdoor ice skating rink.

Indoor Woodfires Lounge!

Size 6, please.

I'm in!

Me posing with newly bought Cheap Monday jeans.

It was super when the sun down and we all need a jacket to keep ourselves warm. Surprisingly I started to sweat after few rounds skating! Although I sweated almost all my ice skating classes, but sweating in an outdoor ice rink during winter, it was unexpected. Took it off and realized I was the only without a thick jacket. Some amateurs approached me and asked if I can teach them to skate, some people waved at me and asked if we can make friends. Somehow I felt weird and puzzled. I can be totally an ignorant when come to these kind of situations.

And so, below is the Winter Festival Mug!

A hot warm chocolate drink!

Yours Truly.

Sister and BFF did not entered the ice rink, but chilling in the lounge instead. We stayed up after my skating session, listening to the in-house performer, whom a newly introduced local artist in Australia. We took pictures with her BUT the pictures aren't with me now so couldn't show you guys.

On a side note, I found this brand that seems quite new to me. It's really cool. A Swedish brand that makes jeans and fashion for people - check out Cheap Monday today!


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