So I've made a promise to myself that I will not travel in the next few months, not because I hate to travel, but it is because am going to further studies next year and I need to pay for the fees beforehand. Traveling should be forbidden starting the moment I made the promise to myself, and I'm fucking broke it.

Desire is evil. Temptation is such a bitch.

Out of my consciousness, I've booked a pair of air tickets. Been telling myself that the reason of buying the tickets is to celebrate the 10th Year anniversary with my boyfriend. FUCK NO. It's just a excuse and not a solid reason for us spending thousands in a foreign country! The currency exchange itself is a bitch, let it alone the expenses there. On top of that it's a 8 days vacation, which means 8 days of accommodation, 8 days of transportation, 8 days of shopping, 8 days of not seeing my daughters and etc... I am going to kill myself.

*taking a toilet break to calm myself down*

Still in a great shock and I shall stop calculating the penny I have in the pocket now or I could just kill myself in another few minutes.

Calling home.

I took thousands of photos in Melbourne, literally. The good side is I don't need to PS all of them as I sucks in Photoshop. So, these are all the original photos taken from my camera. Enjoy.

Spent some time inside searching for records.

Came here few years back. Pathetically, all I had is a slice of cake and sandwich, no drinks. The boyfriend was having drum practical examination and I was all alone. Waited for the boyfriend until his class finished, but when we reached, it was 15 going 7 and most of the cafes closed.

The road sign.

Differently from my previous visit, I'm lucky that I'm loaded with sufficient expenses for this time. Spent almost a month in Melbourne but never had the chance to visit this street until it was a no-class day for my BFF, we decided to have our brunch there!

Which cafe?

Still looking around.

There you go.

We chose this cafe.

The interior.

The savories.


Out of my expectation, it's heavenly delicious! The moment my sister suggested lasagne to me I hesitated because all the lasagne I've tasted before in Malaysia, one word - horrible.

The soup and bread.



My kaki-kaki of makan.

The super friendly owner.

The Soup - Wanted to try it out few years back but I was young and broke, couldn't afford it. But hey! Give me this and that NOW! Yes I mean NOW!




More, more, more, more, please!

 The graffiti. It would be so great if our government allowed the youngster to do that on the walls. Undeniably, all these artistic expression do make the city brighter, nicer and lively  #justsaying



 Don't usually get to snap a picture of myself with the boyfriend because I couldn't lay my trust on strangers. I always worry that they might run away with my camera. It's not a calang-calang camera anyways. Ironically, to me, the most precious thing is not the camera, is the memory card that stored all my photos.

Love this photo because I look chubby!

I'm content.

Still in a great shock. The end.

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