Undeniably, Starbucks is one of the preferable hangout spots for the local teenagers as well as working adults. Starbucks LCCT welcomed up to 5000 guests everyday, the workload is incredibly heavy loaded but I had a wide opportunity to meet thousands of people from different regions and backgrounds! As for Starbucks Jusco Seremban, we meet regular customers all the time and we can tell what's their order even before the customer reaches the counter. So talk about the charisma and initiative by Starbucks partners. *winks*

So on this very fine day, all of us, the partners of Starbucks Jusco Seremban 2 returned to the retail for a spring cleaning! It took place during midnight so we are allowed to wear casual clothes instead of full uniform with the familiar green apron and black cap.

The nicely decorated counter.

We will clean the whole place with different type of chemical liquids. Don't make a fuss about the chemical liquids as we do not use it on those food-contact containers. Chemical liquids are used to clean the floor, the signboards and the windows.


As you can see from the photo below, we moved out all the chairs, tables and couches to the corridor. Every partner was given a task and all of us cooperate together to make Starbucks a better place to hangout!


He's my partner, Hakim.

He's Hazany.

And he is Syawal.

The almighty Store Manager

As you can see, all of us were working on tasks. You must be wondering what was my task. I was fortunate enough to just wandering around with my camera and snapped some shoots! However, I did wiped some tables and chairs. Not forgetting to mention I cleaned the bar area with helps from my colleagues. It was pretty much cleaner and hygienic!


The spring cleaning took us about 3 hours, I was hungry. I took one of those savories and put it in the oven.

My Butter Scotch Cinnamon Roll.

I heated it up as supper. Guess I'm not a qualified kitchen helper. I have no idea what happened to my Butter Scotch, it was all burned from inside out.


Despite of my burned Butter Scotch, my working area is all clean up now! When thinking of the possibility I will leave this working place for the next few months, my heart sinks. I really love this place and the partners are caring and funny. The most important matter comes first, thus leaving this place and further my studies is a must.

So will I see you? Partner Rolling Fumbling Thug is on your service, I will be at the counter taking your orders. Trust me I won't mess with your orders, lols!

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