My early celebration of Valentine's!


This advertisement was sent to my email weeks before. Caught my attention immediately! This super adorable baby Sharpei reminds me of Mumble. :'(

Here's the thing. If you truly love your dog, don't breed your female dog if she is older than 3 years old. I can tell you that many breeders out there will strongly disagree with me. Undeniably that some of them make money by selling puppies. Regardless puppies with birth certificate or without. It's admittedly that many dog owners breed their dog without the knowledge to take care both the mother and puppies. Mumble was her mother's third or forth birth. Apparently the mother wasn't in good condition. Sick mom give birth to sick puppies. Mumble was born with sickness but we never hesitated to bring her home, love her and take care of her. She constantly visit the vet and we fed her with pills; Thought she'll be fine, she gone after 4 years with us due to kidney failure. :'(

I never intended to breed my dog. Malinois and Malamute puppies will definitely make you a richer person. These breeds are considered rare breeds in our country, the champion is Tibetan Mastiff. Why not just breed them? The catch is, they are hard to be kept in a normal family. Malinois is fierce thou they're intelligent. The owner must show an impression he/she is the master thus Malinois shall obey them, otherwise they aren't trained well. Malamute is still new to our environment. Frankly speaking, Gambit had a skin disease when she was still a puppy. Unlike Siberian Husky, she couldn't take the hot weather. It took me extra concentration and extreme care before she was healed from the disease. She is now a happy adult dog with an air-conditioner room and space for activity.

Adoption Drive.

FYI, my boyfriend and I are dog lovers. Both our families have family dogs. I may over-eagerly about dogs but it's because dog is the most adorable creature! I was once received a negative comment stated that I am a hypocrite that I fancy pure breeds. I must emphasized that I have dogs for all my life and they are all mongrels! I feed the stray dogs that wandering at the vacation lot behind my boyfriend's studio; make donation to shelters and buried dead dogs and cats that ran down by stupid cars. Can you do that? Don't simply point your dirty finger at me if you don't exactly know who I am.

Anyway, put that aside.

Boyfriend and I celebrated our Valentine by bringing our furkids to an outing at JayaOne, organized by pet-lover companies, such as Petsters and SPCA Selangor.


Various booths were set up. Actually didn't have the opportunity to check out those booths as we have our furkids on leash. Not saying that my dogs will misbehaved but some people were afraid of their size and sharp teeth. Golden Retriever and Husky are the most welcomed dogs there, thou my Gambit looks like one but since Roche and Gambit are a pair, might as well we keep my furkids away from them.

SPCA Booth.


Tips : Feed your furkids with home-made dog food. Especially dogs with skin disease or appetite issue. Cook rice, mixed with chopped carrot, meat, few teaspoon of sugar and fish oils. Commonly dogs are allergic to chicken meat, so it's preferable to replace it with lamb or turkey meat. As dog treats, you can feed them with biscuits dip with peanut butter. Alternatively, get Lamb & Rice flavor for premium dog food to save your time. Don't ever feed your dogs with chocolate. Sometimes I give them vanilla flavored ice cream and cheesed hot dog as treats. Consistently check their nose. It's presumably that your furkids are unwell if their nose is dried; if too wet, they might having flu. Most importantly, observe their recent activity/behavior. For example, bite your shoes or disobey your commands. If they are acting weird, it's the sign/hint that they are not feeling well. Take note of all these if you have a dog at home.

The boyfriend and daughters.

Gambit, the Alaskan.

Roche, The Belgium.

The twins (Joker and Penguin, the ultimate Pug twins) are left at home. No worries as they weren't home alone, I had my mom to babysit them for the whole afternoon. It was our first outing without the twins. I assumed that less large breeds will be seen, considering JayaOne is located in an office-area and there aren't a field for activity. Apparently, I was wrong!

There was a designated off-leash session. You can bring your dog into the playground, any amount of donation per entry. I was worried at first that other dogs might trigger a fight but I was wrong again! Most of them were well-behaved! Responsible owner should make sure that their dogs are trained and healthy.


Roche made me so proud that she was friendly to other dogs! She is the kind of dog that protective and fierce. On that particular day, she able to socialize with other dogs, although there were few younger dog aggressively chewed her ears and pulled her toys, she calmly turn around and pulled her toys back without hurting the dogs.


If you are a dog lover, you should have come!

Can you be my Valentine?

I wasn't kidding. This male dog fall in love at the first sight. #truestory He adored Roche so much and willingly to follow her to everywhere. It was so obvious that the owner of the dog commanded his dog to stop doing it as Roche was started to get annoyed. I would say it's a sexual harassment. #likethatalsocan Roche was trying to be nice at first, she roared giving him warning but this male dog never stopped licking her lips and following her, she bit him on his nose, the dog was shocked and fumbled! The owner laughed and teased his dog, while I was worried that he might injured. Luckily nothing happened to the dog's nose, Roche did control her biting strength. And no, this male dog continuously annoyed Roche after the incident. #wtf

Another Alaskan Malamute spotted!

Alaskan Malamute(s)!

My daughters made friends with this gun-shy Malamute.

My furkids are the superstars! Many took photos with them. In the same time, I took few photos of other dogs.

My furkids can't fit into that trolley.

Siberian Husky!

Can we make friends?

This is an awesome dog! She was off leash all the time but never intended to walk around, but stay at the corner, observing other dogs playing in the playground. Her saliva drooled looking at the ice cream I was feeding my furkids, how cute can she be? I fed her few bites at last. Did not buy a cone for her, not because I was stingy but worried that she might get diarrhea after that.

May I have the ice cream, please?

We had a super awesome outing! Before we left the place, we had a photo session together!

Spot me?

My gorgeous.

Take note to all the dog owners out there!

 Treat your dogs like they're your babies.

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