I have no idea why local named this day as Chap Goh Meh; when I was younger, as far as I could remembered, the elderly called the 15th day of Chinese New Year as Yuan Xiao Jie, in Chinese is 元宵节。During my primary, my school organized Lantern Festival during Chinese New Year celebration and most of the student will walk around the school and the neighborhood in a big group, carrying a lantern.

It did confused me with the Mid-autumn Festival. I think both the festival have lantern but different meaning of celebration. Apparently, I am a grown up adult, it would be super awkward if I join primary students, carrying a lantern and walk the neighborhood with them. So, for my very first time, friends and I visited the well-known temple during Chap Goh Meh!

Donated RM10 for this sky lantern.

Differently from my previous visit, this time I did not donate bricks, I bought a sky lantern instead. There were many colors to choose from but I chose yellow instead. It's my kiasu decision, I wanted my lantern to be the most outstanding lantern in the sky so that the God will notice mine first. #likethatalsocan

All wishes written in a beautiful hand writing of mine, thank you.

Light up the wax.


Make sure the lantern is properly wide open.

Ready to float to the sky.

Higher Higher Higher!

God, please grant all my wishes, thank you.


The younger Chan followed us to the temple as well. We told him that this Chap Goh Meh is special as the Chinese Valentine falls on the same day. He then asked me if he could ask a girl to be his Chap Goh Meh instead of asking Would you be my Valentine? Faint. #likethatalsocan

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