for our acting skills. At least better than the Twilight actress #justkidding #insiderjoke It was so real and natural that I think everyone of us deserve an award! I'm not going after Best Actress Award but I don't mind getting the Director Award #justsaying.

Finally after 184599347837 days, this is the birthday surprise post i've promised to all of you!

I had one for my last year's celebration. It was a major success that we all got his pawned! Anyways, today is the Valentine's Day, Happy V-Day to you!

#epicfail that my activity of #ValentinesDay is to choose proposal ring on behalf of my male friend. This is the second time for me to choose a proposal ring in case you're wondering.

Put that aside.

Frankly speaking, do you know how freaking hard to hide the plan from him? Collaboration between his family, my family and our friends is so risky that someone might accidentally spill the beans! I'd been planning these a week before, but only informed them about it one day before. Just in case. I know, I'm very careful.

I have been knowing him almost a decade, he is smart and sometimes he could read our minds. Past experience have taught me that, everyone's mouth must be sealed, insured and nobody releases any information related to "cake", "birthday", "party", "surprise", "overtime", "pub", even "Lamborghini" to him.

To give him a surprise, we pretended that nobody is interested to celebrate his birthday as the birthday falls on the 9th day of Chinese New Year. His mom informed him that they were planning to have a simple dinner at a random Chinese restaurant in town.

On the exact day, I've been out of town the whole day until I showed up about an hour before the 'dinner'. He, in a super moody way told me that the family is bringing him for a simple dinner, that's it. I told him that I need to fetch the sister first and will be at the restaurant.

Beforehand, I need his mother to make up a story telling him that they both need to fetch the younger brother at OverTime before heading to the Chinese Restaurant. He believed! The mother stopped the car about a block before the OverTime and asked him to look for the brother in the pub as the phone wasn't answered by the younger brother.

And he finally turned up at the entrance!

Every work paid off! Got a big smile on his face!

Singing birthday song for the birthday man!

The Chans Family

The younger boyfriend's girlfriend joined in.

Who's whose mom.

With the Kong family.

With his best friends over a decade.

Flaming Lamborghini on its way. Can't afford a real one, so here you go honey!

He still not aware of it.

Look at George's face expression, LOL

People were looking so he must finish all of it, I said.

Hair burnt!

No joke, a little front part of his hair burnt. Nobody noticed it until my elder sister pulled him away from the flame.

#Group photo time!




Fine, I look fugly in every photo, LOL!

This is my Queen!

Not forgetting to mention that, from all the cakes I've bought and ate, nothing is as good as the cake I've bought this time! This was the first time I have my guests to eat at least 2 slices of cake! Myself not a big fan of cake but this cake is seriously taste so good and smooth! Now I can assure myself that I made a good decision for not ordering cupcakes.

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