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Hong Kong Disneyland 2013

I have a very good explanation on why the lack in updating this blog recently.

All my photos taken in Hong Kong gone. The "boyfriend" misplaced my memory card and there is no way of getting it back. He could left it accidentally on the couch in the airport!

I practically spent the big part of my travel expenses on my mom and younger sister. I sponsored their air fares, hotel stays and daily expenses. Unlike the previous two vacations to Hong Kong, we have a group this time, as you can see in the photo above, they are my travel mates.

Anyway, despite the disappointment of losing my memory card, hope the photo above compensate it all if you ever care to check updates from this blog.

And so. what I've been doing all this while?

Besides working on event projects, boyfriend and I are busy hunting for a house. Our old house which we bought 5 years ago, no longer a suitable place for a couple and 6 dogs.

During MAPEX, I saw an exclusive condominium with private lifts, sky bar and etc. I loved it so much and start asking bugging the boyfriend if he likes it or not. The boyfriend placed a booking fee immediately. Believe me when I said it's a freaking awesome unit. We picked the second highest floor (one floor lower than the penthouses) with Penang Bridge and ocean view.

Then, reality hits me. Despite the price, its location makes me have a second thought. Not forgetting to mention I can't keep all my dogs too. When the banker showed us the loan amount and the interests, wow, I'm an idiot if I sign it.

"Who the heck going to move to Penang?" I asked.

"Who else? You la." he answered.

I called and cancelled the booking immediately. Being efficient, that's all. 

The downside of growing up, options and worries come in a package. And it's free. Told you free stuff is NO good to health. You'll start to worry of so many freaking things. Worry this and that. Robbery, car jacking, income tax, property, wrinkles, summons and etc.

Yeah, worrying is my forte.

Kungfu Master
Just got to learn how to have fun!

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