There are many places to visit in Melbourne. One of my favorite places is Fitzroy Garden. Been to Melbourne three times and I visited this garden for more than three times.

It's a good chilling place. People play american football, reading books, picnic, jogging and etc. Usually I take tram from Flinders Street to Spring Street, walk across the street to Treasury Garden then cross Lansdowne Street to Fitzroy Garden.

The first place you should be looking for is Observatory, which I called "The Flower House" in my own understanding.

Spring in Melbourne 2012
One of the two entrances

Observatory, Melbourne
Side view

This is the most beautiful "Flower House" I ever seen. The gardeners take care of the place very well, I never seen any withered flower/leaf at all during my visits. They told me that this place was open since 70 years ago!

Spring in Melbourne 2012
Should have bring a book and chill here.

They have flower displays according to seasons. My visits to Melbourne are all during Winter - Spring, so got no opportunity to view other plants that bloom in Summer and Autumn.

Spring in Melbourne 2012
Forgot to ask if the public can take pre-wedding photo here.




Spring in Melbourne 2012



Another attraction in Fitzroy Garden is Captain Cook's Cottage!

Spring in Melbourne 2012
Captain Cook's Cottage

It's open to the public from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Captain Cook's Cottage was originally built in 1755 in Great Ayton Yourshire, England. Captain James Cook was a British explorer, apparently he discovered the coastline of Australia. I don't fully understand how he died but his discovery was historical to Australia government, when Melbourne celebrated its centenary in 1934, his cottage in England was removed brick by brick, including the ivy plants, and shipped to Melbourne. They then rebuilt his cottage in Fitzroy Garden.

Back view of the cottage.

I have yet visit this cottage despite the multiple times spent in Fitzroy Garden. I did some researchs on Captain Cook's Cottage and apparently that the beautiful British cottage garden was only built around the cottage in Fitzroy Garden as part of the reconstruction. Besides that, furnishing in the cottage weren't originally from the Cook's family.

Oh well. Take a walk in Fitzroy Garden!

Spring in Melbourne 2012
Yours truly.

I admit that I love Melbourne City. Besides the standard of living over there, I love how the people live their life over there. It shocked me awhile when I saw them sleep on the grass, wild ducklings in the garden without a mad dog chasing after them, on top of that, is the security. You feel less worry when walking or jogging in the park. I always enjoy my night time in Melbourne just strolling down the street, drinking hot mocha and listening to the music by street performers.

Spring in Melbourne 2012

I love the trees. Sounds weird? I love sunshine, I love greenery. I always tell my parents how great is Melbourne and this is the city I probably spend the rest of my life after my retirement. I don't encourage them to live there as I won't be able to see them often, like now.

Spring in Melbourne 2012

Never been to Melbourne during Autumn. Perhaps, next time.

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