If I'm not working, I'll be on my phone, mostly is texting my friends. Short Messaging Service (SMS) is so out by now. We can't send emoticons at all, let it alone customised images. Dull you may say.

About a month ago, I found out from a friend that Samsung is launching a new instant messaging app! I still remember when I downloaded the app,  it wasn't as established as now. But here's the good news, ChatON is now officially available in 62 languages in over 200 countries!

Samsung Chat On
Photo credit to isaactan.net

Had so much fun in Samsung ChatON Official Launch @ Butter Factory KL last Friday.

Finger food are served before the event starts. ChatOn surely know how to make everyone excited with their official mascot, Chatty and gorgeous dancers! Bravo to the organising team!

Most of us were in orange. The Best 5 Dressed Men and Women were selected to win one of the Samsung S3 Minis! I was one of them but apparently my dance moves sucks. I didn't bring home the phone, oh well. What a waste. 

Samsung Chat On
Photo credit to Isaactan.net

Let's check out ChatON's special features. Are you ready? So,

#1: Chat Room: Up to 200 people in a single chat room! As you can see I have only one buddy so add me maybe?

Samsung Chat On

#2: PostON : Post your thoughts. 

Samsung Chat On
Paper Plane Pilot. 

#3: Free download! 

Samsung Chat On
Some of the many cute anicons.

First I was confused with the name of Anicon. Thought it was a fancy name for emoticon, but apparently I was wrong! It's not the normal emoticon but an animated emoticon!

Samsung Chat On
Pink and chubby anicon is love!

So I tried to send one to Isaac. This anicon is super irresistibly cute! Can't describe it in words you just got to download it and try! 

Samsung Chat On

#4: Animessage: Draw what you want to say!

Samsung Chat On
Nobody can understand my drawing so I might as well just write.

#5: Background and Bubble Styles!

Samsung Chat On
Which one is your favourite?

Samsung ChatON definitely bring chatting to another whole new level. Believe me, you and your friends are gonna love this app. If you are confident in your drawing, show it in ChatON! Customised your ChatON by choosing a favorable background and bubble styles that suits your personality. If you don't mind notification-spamming, add all your Top 200 most favourited chatting friends in a single chat room! It will be a lot of fun when everyone is responding to every each of the response, lol.

Samsung Chat On
Photo credit to Jaz Khai.

Thank you Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for making my last Friday night awesomely fun!

Holla back if you're using ChatOn! Eh, add me ah!

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