Good day people!

It's been awhile since the last time this blog is updated. I was having great time in Hong Kong and Taipei for Halloween celebration, and when I was home, it took me a century to finish the laundry so that I can pack for this trip.

I'm currently still in Florida, using the hotel wifi to update my blog. Gosh the weather here is getting warm compared to the first week I'm here. I start to ditch my long sleeves and put on my short pants.

And yeah, if you are bored with another Disney experience of mine, feel free to check out other posts, lol.

I downloaded this official Disney Cruise Line app. Basically it's a navigator when you're on board, you will be updated with the current program flows and character appearance. For example, my first day was at Port Canaveral, Florida. Weather forecasts and attire requirement are stated out clearly.

My first day in The States wasn't going too well. My baggage went missing in London Heathrow Airport. I was worried like shit when travelling from London to Florida, I need those bags! I couldn't settle down during the 9-hour flight and my heart was beating real fast. 

The boyfriend tried to calm me down with hot chocolate and a quick shopping is 'mandatory' before the cruise. It was late night when we finally reached our hotel, luckily there is a 24-hour Walmart nearby. The cab fares cost me 28 dollars though.

So, the next day, we were all set for the cruise! In case you're wondering, Disney Cruise Line does offer ground transportation for those who travel with certain airlines. I reached a day earlier and stayed in Holiday Inn Express nearby Orlando International Airport. I called a cab which cost us 70 dollar for a 30 minutes ride to the port. 

This is the beauty, Disney Fantasy. Just a brief introduction of Disney Cruise Line (believe me, I read and memorise all the information about DCL, I'm expert in these) At the current stage they have 4 fleets, which are Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. The first two are smaller compared to the latter. Disney Magic and Wonder operated since 1998, and later in year 2007, Disney Dream started to operate. Disney Fantasy began sailing in year 2012.

There was a final show to farewell before all the guests debark the ship. We missed it! Guess what I've missed? Disney Cruise Line ended the show by showing the photo above, our photo to bid farewell! Almost every guests 'saw' us on the screen! And I fucking missed it. What a shame! Some guests approached us in the hallway and the dining hall to tell us about it, that's why.

We need to go through the immigration check before entering the check-in hall. We were greeted by friendly cast members, the instructions are clearly stated out, such as where to check-in, which documents are needed and the flow was surprisingly smooth despite the crowded hall and long queue! It only took me 15 minute-ish to complete the check-in. See, I got time to take photo with Captain Mickey.

Walked down the aisle and by the time we reached the entrance of the ship, our name was announced and cast members welcome us with a cheerful applause. They make a great job to make their guests feel exclusive and appreciated.

Lunch time! I rushed to The Cabanas which located at the 11th floor. It seems that many guests weren't aware that lunch is provided, the dining hall was empty and I had the place to my own.

Seafood is my all-time favourite! French fries too! The shrimp tastes delicious dipped with the sauce and oh, the asparagus! Fresh one.

All the baggage will only arrive in the stateroom before 5pm. I have no intention to go back to the stateroom because I know my baggage won't be there. I felt miserable the day before, we are informed by British Airways that they might not be able to relocate my baggage, they advised me to have a shopping and be prepared for the cruise, meaning I need to buy new set of bathing suits, toiletries, shirts, pants, and etc. I took some time to consider if I should buy a new luggage, I need something to carry my one-week stuffs, I hope they aren't expecting me to carry all those in plastic bags. You see, I'll be on cruise for a week, from Port Canaveral to Grand Cayman, to Costa Maya, Conzumel and Castaway Cay. Are they able to locate my whereabout by the time they found my baggage?

We are ready for the Sailing Away Party at the Deck 11! I was consider early to reach the place but those kids were earlier than me! Ah there goes my 'fengshui place' in front of the stage. At the side not bad huh?

Ok, I wasn't the only one who went crazy when Mickey and Friends appeared on the stage! Some parents rocking their body and grandpa grandma bring their hands up in the air like teenagers in a dancing club! Wow, I'm impressed.

Panting and exhausting. My stateroom was just 3 floors below, didn't bother to take the elevator though. Can't wait to check out the stateroom! Disney Cruise Line staterooms range from comfortable standard room to suites. Inside staterooms are located at the lower floors with no exterior view. Ocean view stateroom are located at the lower and middle decks with a porthole window. My stateroom is the verandah stateroom which located at the higher floors with a private balcony. Suites are grand and yeah, hard to book! They run out all the time and I couldn't wait no more for suites, verandah it is.

There's my room *smirk* I was so excited! The door is a magnetic door where you can put up almost anything you want! I was an amateur so my door is empty, look at those regular guests, they decorate with all sorts of decorative arts, most of them print out don't know from which websites disney-character ears and put it on the round thing. The steering wheel magnet is a gift for Vacation Club member. (I'll blog about it later)

This card is not your usual hotel room key. I need this card all the time. It's my credit card and identification card. Cash and credit card are not needed to make payment. I had a great time sipping on alcoholic drinks and buying Disney merchandises using this card. A bill will be sent to the stateroom before debark time, guests are advised to clear the payment as soon as possible to avoid the overcrowded guest services counter.

Bed! Comfy bed with at least 4 pillows! Heaven.

I had a perfect room host! He cleaned my room at least twice a day and my belongings are arranged accordingly. I unintentionally+accidentally+being careless left my not-little dollars on the table and not a penny gone missing. Talking about honesty. He got my port adventures ticket beforehand so that I don't need to retrieve it later. Our dinner rotations are stated clearly so that we don't need to book a table for two every night. I stick to the arrangement although some of the guests re-arranged their dinner rotation.  

A panoramic view from the balcony. It was so surreal to watch sunset and sunrise from the verandah, although it's not cheap to get a stateroom with verandah but trust me, it worths every penny.

I'm bringing them home.

Ahh, time for dinner, laters baby. Signing off, kisses from Florida!

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