are around us.

An argument sparked in Facebook between a friend during secondary school and myself not long ago. We were having minor argument (which I can't congest whatever reason given by him, I just can't brain it) about the sterling-lock-road-bully incident.

I'm not joking, I'm telling you that I am actually couldn't sleep thinking about the nonsense and it's 6.33am at the moment, yep I was still packing until 3 in the morning (just about 3 hours ago) thought want to take a quick nap before getting my breakfast.

When I was in my primary year 5, I took school bus for a year. My sister was just entered an independant school in town and to avoid the massive jam, my mom woke up at 4 just to fetch her to school. Well, that's the reason why I was taking school bus anyways. Put that aside. After picking up kids from my residential area, the driver will enroute to a flat area to pick up another bunch of kids. There was this girl, who aged one year elder than me, she got bullied the most. Being a 11-years old kid myself, I did not do anything. She had been called AIDS (terrible nickname), Blackie (another terrible nickname) and all sorts of bad-and-mean nicknames for a girl. She did nothing to deserve that, I can assure you. Yet, I did not do anything, nor do I feel sympathy.

One day, she broke down and cried hysterically in the bus, all the bullies are shocked. This big fat guy approached her and pulled her hair rudely. I don't know what happened to me, I stood up and slammed the guy with my Maths book. Everyone got shocked. The driver was merely do anything to stop all these, he was just shouting from the driver seat. Like we care. Guess what? The big fat guy didn't do anything, although he was mad that I did such thing to him, he sat down and read a comic book.

Wow. That was just.. wow.

When I was in Standard 6, two of my classmates got into a fight. The shorter guy beaten real hard by another taller guy. Nobody helps. I immediately ran to the staff office and informed one of the teacher on duty. To cut it short, the taller guy's mom came to me during recess time and questioned me why I reported to the teacher, and which side of my eyes saw her kid involved in a fight. My answer was: Left eye. All the people in the class saw them fighting, do you want me to ask them on behalf of you, Mrs Lau?

Yeah, we have bullies in our school, in our school bus, in our office, in our society.

Have you seen a fight in a public area? What have you done? I bet 90% chose to walk away. If it's a gang fight, I'll be first person to run for my life. But what happened to the sterling lock incident? Whoever videotaping the incident, bravo to you. For those bystanders, you did nothing wrong too. First, the road bully won't physically hurt the uncle; secondly, she won't risk it too otherwise she'll spend time behind the bar.

Sometimes, a little help from you changes the world. The most distasteful person in the world is definitely animal abuser/animal bullies. I fought for uncountable times if I encounter such incidents. I'll stand up for the animals. Especially puppies. I just can't brain it why on earth some parasites abuse animals. A puppy died in my arm when I finally rescued him from the hand of an animal abuser. The poor puppy was trapped in a bag and the fucker was going to throw the puppy into the river. Without second thought, I blocked his way and asked him to hand me the bag. Before I leave the place, I lectured this fucker kao-kao and curse him go to hell. My mom helped me to bring the puppy home. We bathe him and feed him. He slept peacefully in the pile of towel. Unfortunately, he crossed the rainbow bridge in his sleep on the same day. I was devastating, but to see it from different perspective, he could've drown in the river.

There were numerous times I stood up for my colleagues who got bullied by the seniors. Wrong move. Human are bad, sorry to tell that. Despite all the betrayals and misbehavior, if you ask me would I stand up for them ever again? Well, it depends. For animals, especially dogs, yes I will stand up for them no matter what.

Hail to animal rescuers, you are our HERO.

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