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I had been to Melbourne for the 4th time, I can say that the loft apartment I stayed this time is the best accommodation (location wise) among the hotel and solo studio I've stayed during my previous visits. It located at Little Bourke Street, just opposite H&M Melbourne Store. The main tram station (Bourke St) is just a block away, Swanston Street just a 3 minutes walk and Melbourne Central is freaking near too! Emporium? Next door, if you wonder.


Well, it's a happening Friday morning for Melbournian. Today is the big day where many fans from every parts of Australia gathered at the Federation Square to catch the footy fever! All the AFL players will make special appearance during the Grand Final Parade. Heard that some of the players give out autographs too.



There are some street closures and changes of tram service. We weren't aware of the notice, waited at the wrong tram stop, took the wrong tram heading to the opposite route; we eventually took the City Circle. My 2aud gone for nothing.


The City Circle supposedly stopped at the Dockland Waterfronts, Bourke Street Tram Stop. We were informed that the tram will take a U-turn as there was a police emergency around the corner so we hopped off about 2-3 tram stops away. I asked the tram staff about it, to my horror they received an anonymous call informing about bomb-planting in the precinct!

Melbourne 2014

Dockland area is safe from the threat anyways. The weather is getting warm, I super adore the sunny scenery. One fact about me is, I don't like to apply sunscreen, dislike the sticky and oily feeling on my skin. My friend told me this is a bad habit for somebody (like me, apparently) who love sunshine! On a side note, anyone able to recommend a suitable sunscreen to me?

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

Melbourne 2014

The weather is too good and it's nearly impossible for me to miss the chance of having lunch under the sun! However, the boyfriend couldn't bare the direct sun rays so I reluctantly picked a table under this big tree. It's a very cool sweater I'm wearing. I packed one hoodie for myself, so ended up wearing boyfriend's favourite sweater.


I came to Harbour Kitchen for lunch with the boyfriend, twice. We had risotto and pasta for yesterday's lunch so we opt for other main dishes this time.

Harbour Kitchen, Melbourne
Calamari as appetizer. 

Had calamari with rocket salad as appetizer. Surprisingly the goat cheese and lemon went extremely well with the calamari. The salad is fresh and I absolutely love the cherry tomatoes.

Harbour Kitchen, Melbourne
19.50aud each

We both ordered Fish & Chips because it seems the only dish that we are able to finish. His: Fried Fillet, Hers: Grilled Fillet. I put the lemon into iced water instead because too much acid make my stomach sick. We decided to give another try for wine so we ordered wine. Still eww.

It was such a waste not to finish the two glasses of wine, I had a genius idea, asked for a full glass of ice cubes, poured the wine in and there, we sipped it #likeaboss. It does taste better.

South Wharf Promenade, Melbourne
On the way to DFO, Melbourne. 

Beer supplies from 10am! I shall invite more friends to join this trip, we could have enjoy beers here because Oktoberfest in KL is just too mainstream. #coldjokes

South Wharf Promenade, Melbourne

Direct Factory Outlet, DFO closed at 6pm. My favorite shop is JB HiFi. Bought my all-time favorite movie, "I Am Sam" and Avenged Sevenfold's latest album - Hail To The King. Basically, most of my A7X albums I got it from Melbourne store. (Malaysia version are censored, that's why) I've bought fashion accessories and bags for my mom, sportswear for myself. The boyfriend was a little bit dizzy after the lunch and wine, he slept on the couch while waiting for me to finish shopping.

Anyway, I found the cheapest ice-blended drink in Melbourne! Head to the café court in DFO, look for EasyWay Tea. Got my ice-blended chocolate crave fixed. Before this, I get Chocolate Milkshake and Classic Coke Slurpee as my midnight drinks.

Sea Life Aquarium, Melbourne

One of the leisure activities in Melbourne is walking down the South Wharf Promenade, Southbank. Crown Casino and many refined restaurants located just along the bank. Maybe next time I'll try out the Japanese restaurant there.

South Wharf Promenade, Melbourne
Seafarer Bridge, Melbourne

Street Performer, Melbourne
Not your usual street performer.

Special transportation within the city besides bicycle.


Sandridge Bridge, Melbourne
Sandridge Bridge a.k.a Sculpture Bridge


Opposite Southbank. Northbank is a home to many sophisticated pubs and hangout places. If you're coming from the Federation Square, just head to the back of FS and you'll see the north bank of Yarra.

Federation Square, Melbourne

Federation Square, Melbourne

The Grand Final of Australian Football League 2014! The tickets are all sold out by the time I arrived Melbourne Airport. I'm not a fan of AFL but I'm up for the ambiance and the face arts, haha.

AFL, Melbourne

AFL Grand Final, Melbourne

Congratulations again to Hawks from winning the premiership this year! Hopefully I get the chance to watch the match in stadium next time.

By the way, if you would like to try out Harbour Kitchen, just in case they have a busy lunch hour, make a reservation before you go.

Address: 1/800 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3008, Australia.
Phone: +61396706612

(Take note that this Bourke Street is not the street in the CBD, take tram 35, 70 or 71 heading to Victoria Harbour/ Docklands Waterfront, hop off at Bourke Street/Harbour Esplanade Stop)

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