Photo taken on Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD.

Tired of hearing all these.

Heard it for countless times from different people who like to comment on girls having a rich boyfriend.

Female Version:

"Sure she goes down a lot!" "I don't know why the guy wants her, she's so ugly leh!" "The guy deserve better!" "This kind of rich guy sure dump her after doing her for countless times!"

Male Version:

"The girl only wants him because he's rich!" "Wait until he broke see the girl still stay with him or not!" "You think he's so good? Only know how to lure girls with money!"

It irritates me even more when I heard these from a male. What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously, all the comments above sounds like a sour-grapes yourself and definitely make you look so freaking bad in personality.

From zero until today, my boyfriend and I have been together for more than 12 years. The hard work and life experiences we've been through together, you have no idea about it. Some people are nobody to know every single thing about us. I never thought I'll be addicted to travel alone, thanks to the only-one who encourage me to explore the world on my own. There are times I'm flying solo, my boyfriend's schedule is fully packed with his teaching in a college and music studio, we only get to go travel together once a year, that's all. More than one time is a big bonus to me!

Sincerely speaking, I am more than happy to share my travel adventures with my friends, but when they get the wrong idea of it, it makes me sick and irritated. I won't deny that I'm grateful for having the freedom to travel, but it doesn't mean I have the intention to flaunt my financial capability. If you get butt-hurt when I share about my trips, why even care to ask in the first place?

There are times I know some particular people what they said about us behind me. Let me be frank here. It's your fucking problem for living such a life that you dislike; I won't feel sorry for living a life I am living now because I kill nobody for it. Go on with all the sour-grapes comments, if you think you know me inside out, and are better than me, the least you can do is be like me.

When I slept overnight in the office for one freaking email from Australia, when I stay up all night for a video conference, when I drank coffee with an empty stomach to give review of a new product, were you there to eyewitness all? I had thousand times of debates and arguments over event arrangement, were you there to assist, sour grapes, sour grapes, sour grapes... (on echo)

(to somebody)

What's his problem with the car I'm driving? Telling others that it's a second-handed or recon is not going to change the fact that he hardly afford one. Why can't he just be happy for me and being grateful for himself?

By saying that she is sick of travelling disgust me. The truth is, one and the only farthest place she ever been is only 4,500km from here. It's very entertaining to see these people struggling in the lying-mud pool, trying to prove to the world they are somebody by creating more and more stories about themselves. From the boyfriend's job to the family background, all lies.

You see, the main idea of this whole blog post is, why are you calling me materialistic when you are obviously the one who obsessed with luxurious goods and cars?

She wants the bag from the same brands I have, she wants the same dog breeds I have, she wants to fly to places that I had been flown too, she wants a boyfriend who can provide her with all these. Basically, my life.

All the guys who is into her are all rich kids on the block (as what she told me). Who are you kidding, miss? She likes to elaborate on the car they drive, the promises they made and blah blah blah. But the fact is, those guys are nothing like what she describes. But hey, getting a rich boyfriend shouldn't be a lifetime achievement, no?

Of course, there are many girls who prefer to rely on the ability/achievement of their partner. I know a particular person who like to comment about other's social status. Every time I see her, fuhh, keep commenting how cheap is this girl and that girl. If the girl she commented happened to be her best-friend-for-now, she will tell how lucky is she for having such a lovely boyfriend. Otherwise, the girl is cheap from the bottom to the top.

(a moment of silence)

There are more girls like that out there, I know. Countless times I've seen in my Facebook feeds and Instagram where people showing off their memorable birthday presents. To be frank, some of the birthday presents impressed me. A college student gets a rm10,000 Celine for his 18 years old girlfriend? A guy who drives a family-owned Myvi treats the whole bunch to club? I can't brain it. But I know that these presents definitely made some people become a green-eyed monster.

I'm not a mean girl anyways, to make some green-eyed monsters thought they triumph me in some ways, umm,  you earned for you own laptop, I got my 15" Macbook Pro with Retina Display from my boyfriend for my last birthday; you earn for your Bangkok trips, I got unlimited travel allowance from my boyfriend to Hong Kong and Florida, but I need to ask him in a cute voice to transfer money to my debit account because he canceled my credit card years ago; my boyfriend paid a big sum of down payment for my first and second MINI, because of these unplanned purchases he needs to wait longer to get his dream car; my boyfriend paid for all my karaoke session because I think it's not worth to pay for it; So, I revealed my secrets (whatever), would these make you feel better, sour grapes?  (the sarcasm..)

My humble opinion is, *serious face* earn and living within your means will help much to build up self-confidence in you. Well, if you think everything I have are solely from my boyfriend, you have the freedom to think so, what you think about me don't define the real me. I was once scared to drive the car I love or openly share about my new found love because some people just too fake to my horror. But now, I'm going to live my life without thinking how is that going to hurt your ego.

Signing off.

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