Great day everyone!

It's been a year since my last trip to Hong Kong, my annual pass to Disneyland terminated too. I missed this bustling city, the local delicacies "mou dat ding" it means holly mama hakuna matata delicious. Anyways.

Checking in.

It's a birthday trip to Hong Kong from le boyfriend. Upon check-in, we need to pay an extra RM250 for the name change as his name was wrongly key into the system, his passport has his full name on but the boarding pass. Usually I'll be grumpy over the charges but this is my birthday trip, shouldn't let anything get in my way, surprisingly the boyfriend didn't mention anything about this extra charges throughout our trip.

A comfortable three and 20 minutes flight with Cathay Pacific.

It was a delightful ride with Cathay Pacific years ago, been anticipating to take flight with them again. On a side note, what a waste I did not make to the health screening for the cabin crew interviews when I was 25. A great great great experience as this interview required public speaking and decent social skills to get a pass to the next stage. I remember there were about 200-400 applicants and by the time goes by, only about 60-80 managed to enter the next stage, the final was on the next day, only 30-40 got chosen.

I was nervous for the final round, met some new friends and all of us, about 15 of us got successfully recruited. However I've failed my health screening, broke my heart because I've been dreaming to live in Hong Kong for Disneyland. Patching my heart.

Travel with a new cabin luggage from a dear friend of mine.

Time flies and I'm grateful for who I am today. The moment I received this Disney luggage as a birthday gift from a close friend of mine, I grinned my lips wide open until my ears! The boyfriend laughed when I unpacked and moved everything to this new luggage the night before departure date. Can't resist to bring it along!

Snack after taking off.

First thing first, I'll make sure I get the pronunciation correct, is Peanuts, not Penis. Salty peanuts is love especially you need something to bite during the flight.

Inflight food anyone?

For this, I have a confession to make. I'm used to feel 'okay' with inflight food. As long as I have something to fill my stomach, everything, but spicy, everything is totally fine for me. However, the more flights I took, the more I feel bored with these cabin meals.

This was chicken noodle, and it still taste not-so-appetizing. I get hungry easily, and for a flight less than 4-5 hours, you'll get one meal nia. There's one method that works perfectly on me though. First, I'll ask for a glass of chilled orange juice and a pack of nuts, better if I have 2-3 packs la. Shamelessly asked for it, what else.

When they serve the meal, always ask for the meal options first even it's not your turn yet. If you're sitting at the back rows, your preferred meal might running out fast before you could grab one. Start from the bread, sip the soft drink before the main course. That's how I forced myself to finish the whole meal. Fruits, to the last.

Landed safely

I slept awhile in the flight, in between watched 1 or 2 episodes. It was a morning flight around 10, reached Hong Kong airport around 3pm. Trust me, it's timely comfortable, if you know what I mean. Early morning flight is exhausting, couldn't sleep the night before, last minute packing and all. Rush to the airport around 5am to catch the flight, fuhh, I bet many travellers who are reading this understand what I'm trying to say.

Waiting for the luggage

Hong Kong is a civilised city, despite how many told me that they are treated rudely but I find it alright, can't expect everyone to act decently nice and polite to strangers. But really, people from Mainland is the main issue regarding politeness. Some of them don't have basic manners, what's decency to them they don't learn it in school. So you think Hongkies are all nice people? Not really. I got those weird stares sometimes from the people, some of them approached me to ask where do I come from; some of them get offended when I speak Cantonese, they'll say: " if you know how to speak Cantonese, why made me speak English!" wtf. I haven't open my mouth they already speak out.

Matching Vans

Hah! Been nagging the boyfriend to get a pair of matching kicks. Quoted from his younger brother, no real guys will get Disney-themed kicks, sista! My puppy eyes finally made him got one pair before flying.

Next, to reach my hotel with the most budget way.

Airport Express HKD160/person for a round trip ticket

Entrance to the airport express station

Reached Kowloon Station

Airport Free Shuttle: Taking K4 to Tsim Tsa Tsui

Airport Express ticket holders can hop on to this free shuttle at no extra charges. My hotel is located at the Kimberly Road, which is in the K4 route. Took about 30 minutes from Kowloon station to my hotel's front door.

Can't wait for the local delicacies! Hotels along the Kimberly Road is my all-time accommodation from the first time. It's a hustling and bustling road 24/7, at least 3 24-hours convenience stores just around, local restaurants and Sasa just around the corner too! At night, it turn into a night entertainment district with so many super cars parked and beautiful ladies walking to their favourite bars.

I'll blog more in the next post, stay tuned.