This is my first Disney Easter, been anticipating to celebrate the very Disney themed Easter and finally got to do that for my birthday. This year also marks the 10th Year anniversary for Hong Kong Disneyland, congratulations!

Pick your favorite egg

Dim Sum breakfast is a must when we traveling to Hong Kong. One of the reasons why I keep returning to Hong Kong, dimsums la! You think I am going to say Disneyland rightttttt?

Just few dimsums for two of us.

My favourite dim sum restaurant has moved from Kimberly Road to another location, about two stations away! When the hotel receptionist drew a map and showed us the way, we decided to pick the nearest dimsum instead as today is my Disney Day! Dimsums can wait. Everything come after Disneyland.

Fresh and juicy Hong Kong Choy Sum

chicken feet cut into half.

friend fukchuk with prawns

prawn dumplings

This breakfast cost us merely 200 HKD, with a teapot of Chinese Tea. As usual, took the MTR to Hong Kong Disneyland after this satisfying breakfast, I can basically reached Disneyland without referring to the subway map, only two interchange and few stations away.


"The Happiest Place On Earth"

The boulevard before the entrance 

The Musical Fountain

One day before the Pin Trading Fun Day and it was Thursday, surprisingly it's not as packed as I thought it could be. In fact, it's my first time for a non-occupied Disneyland.

Start your Egg-spedition with Eggstravaganza Guide Map

The first 6 character eggs found!

Baymax found!

A huge Easter egg indeed.

Chip n' Dale

This chatty pair remind me of my fun time at the Arabian Coast Game in Tokyo DisneySea. Just two year ago, during the year end, I travelled to Tokyo with my younger bro and we both decided not to play it because we simply #kiasu.

A year after, in year 2015, travelled to Tokyo with my boyfriend. I told him about the game and how desperate I was to bring home one. He played and got it! I played too but walked away with a consolation pin.

Won a pair of Chip n Dale with 1000 yen at the Arabian Coast Game Arcade

Chip n Dale is a pair of chatty squirrels in Disney and I had one only at home. Last January, travelled to Tokyo again with my bunch of favourite MINI owners. The game rules has changed! Every person is entitled to two games only, each game has 4 attempts. Guess what? The boyfriend didn't get it, next it my turn. I rolled the ball at got it at the first roll! It was unbelievable and I literally dancing when the ball was resting on a plate, which mean I won it! Unfortunately the rest of the members lost and none of them won it.

Annnnndd what happened next stay there. Anyways,

Meet Duffy, Shellie May and Gelatoni

Duffy and Shellie May are considerably a new pair of Disney character, made its debut in Tokyo DisneySea in year 2015. Duffy Bear is a hand sewn bear from Minnie to Mickey as a companion when Mickey was getting ready to set sail on a sea voyage. Duffy Bear is a hand sewn bear from Minnie to Mickey as a companion when Mickey was getting ready to set sail on a sea voyage.

Duffy came a long way before he is famous worldwide. Duffy wasn't named as "Duffy" back then, made its first appearance in Disney Parks but were never a hit until Tokyo Disney Resort launched it as part of the Christmas event in 2004. Just one year after the successful launching, it has renamed as "Duffy" and the Oriental Land Company has decided to fully invest in this bear, made him an official part of the park, you can find his very own attraction just located between the American Waterfront and and Port Discovery in Tokyo DisneySea.

Balloons, Sleeping Beauty Castle and a vintage Main Street Vehicle.

It's Spring! This is the second time I was there for #HKDLSpring. The first wasn't as impressive as this time. Love the colorful plants and the whole setting!

My favourite Disney character

Enjoy the cozy weather with Pluto

That's how I block the sun in a cuter way

Find Sully and Mike near the entrance to Tomorrowland.

And, guess who I found in Tomorrowland?

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