Family Deluxe Set

Variety of meats.

Family Deluxe Set

Still remember I mentioned that I was going for Tangs Sale Or Nothing last Friday?

I didn't buy much, just few rings and earrings, cost less than RM120.

Bar.B.Q Plaza, Times Square.

Was planning to treat my mum TGIF, but she preferred BBQ Plaza.

Snapped this when we finish the set, finally.

Do you know how to make the soup tasty? Here's my secret recipe.

Put the sliced-cabbage in the soup and pour the soup from the top.

Bii is serving the ladies. ;)

My mom and Edward.

My mom and I, after the dinner.

3 bowls of plain rice included in the Family Set. However, we've upgraded it to Garlic Rice, which only charge RM1.50 extra for each bowl. Yum-yum! Each of us were actually had 2 bowls of rice. Bacon is my all-time fav!

Ordered cold green tea. The cheapest drink, and it's bottomless. Drink all you can, whee!

The sauce yum-yum! You can ask for more, no charge. Dip the meat with the sauce, woo~