Hey readers! How's your day today?

This is gonna be a longer post compared the normal one.

If you are rushing to church, I would suggest to come back and read after the prayer. Today is Good Friday la.

Aww don't ask me what I'm going to do for Good Friday, to be frank,

I will not do anything about it, but going to KLIA later to fetch my dad.


March is quite a plain month, I need some entertainment, so we decided to visit our neighbor aka Singapore!

It's been ages since I visited Singapore. This trip is planned just few days before that , luckily I have my passport validated. Most important, I have excessive money to spend! *Jumping around*

Arrived to Singapore.

Lamborghini at the Casino entrance.

How much you'll spend on the Jackpot machine in order to win this Lamborghini?

Really smart-business-minded la.

As far as I concern, the Casino will give out 3 Lamborghini,

who are the lucky three? *You?*

Other than having lunch in the Casino, I did not try my luck there.

# National Geographic

My favorite place.

Eh, Malaysia should have one so that I can buy boxes from them to store all my books and letters.

# Bear Workshop

Teddy Bears.

I'll buy one another day if I feel like. They are so cute, aren't they?

There are so many cute things in Singapore!

I see people walk their dogs at the park, even near to the shopping mall, which we seldom see it in this country.

Sorry la, I am extreme dog lover and I support SPCA.

Myself have three dogs, and another giant dog is coming soon.

I have membership from
all the petshopsalmost all the petshops and dog gatherings in Malaysia.

Talking about dogs, look what I found in Singapore...

# Yummy One.

Donuts and bone-like cookies.

# Yummy Two.

Muffins with different and attracting colors.

# Yummy Three.

Egg tarts.

All that are dog treat!

I wanted to buy it for my dogs but worry that the custom will confiscate it.

Eh, how come our Pet Safari don't sell it? They should, right or not?

Apart from this beautiful dog treats,

It was my lucky day where they have..

Free Cone Day! By Ben & Jerry's.

It happens only once a year and I am lucky to participate in this event!

It's free for everyone!

It didn't take long time before your turn. They have those pretty ladies to serve you pleasantly and efficient. They introduced me the assorted tastes and wait for us to choose patiently.

It's me dropping the form into the box.

Hopefully I'll win the contest! Pray hard for me ah you guys!

Wondering if they are willing to make international calls if any foreigner won? Hopefully they will!

Told you that they are patient.

All of us with different choices of ice cream.

To conclude this ice cream thingy, I am not a big fans of ice cream.

Others told me it's delicious and creamy. So in shorts, taste good la!

# Shopping Time for Chocolate

What else?

If you see the blue pillow I'm holding, can buy one for me ah?

It's M&M!

Ignore our weird expression. I guess I was having muscle pain.

My boyfriend is a big fans of M&M figures and he starts collecting them since 3 years ago.

One of the collected.

I unwrapped it soon after I reached home, want to check out if chips REALLY included.

OMFG, it's included!

I know I sounds stupid but I never thought such small box can put 3 blocks of chips inside with chocolates and poker card. Not to forget the poker-green-cloth.

Okie, it's like magic. (I sounds stupid again?)

# The-Faces-Of-We-Are-Tired-Yet-Happy-Shopping

I only bought NG Boxes, a pair of Tangerine ballerina shoe, and chocolates!

# Where-To-Go-Discussion-Group

My mom and the aunt decided to split with us since we have different places to go.

I did not have enough time to laze up the beach or whatsoever.

I even did not contact my cousins that I was on their land!

My cousin boy found out that I WAS in Singapore without meeting up with him,

he was
happyupset and slap me left and right with his words.

"I will definitely meet you next time if I go there, don't la angry at me~" I promise.

Roslyn and Calvin.

Singapore is an ideal place for budget-short-vacation. Definitely will go there again.

People who went there told me that it's a shopping paradise.

I still don't feel that way probably it's because I spent short time there.

The conversion is not too bad and most of us (the Malaysian) can afford to visit the Singaland.

I think despite of the Singaporeans-Follow-The-Laws kind of impression,

most of them quite polite when comes to using the toilet or queue up.

Other than that, most of the girls in the mall are so-damn-fucking-hot-and-sexy!

I know, some perverts out there will shout at me and say :

" You la ugly! Malaysia girls also very cantik, okie! "

Yes, indeed.

You perverts like all those seafoods that easily seen in
Times Square and Sungei Wangsome of the places.

What I meant are the girls with different styles/standards from yours, understand?

My business la what is my standard, right or not? Why you care?

So readers, it's time for me to stop typing,

I'm off to take bath now. Whee!

See you tomorrow? You will see my tomorrow, fullstop.