# First Attempt : Night Mode

# Second Attempt : Gentle Mafia

McChicken : Grainy Film

McChicken : Pop Art

McChicken : Soft Focus

At 2.54AM, I am still chewing on the manual booklet.

Wish me luck and hopefully I can transform into a semi-pro camera user.

Well, taking about buying a camera, I got my first compact camera from boyfriend when I was 19. It's a Canon Ixus. I snapped all my memorable moments, I meant, almost of it were captured and stored in my laptop. My dad had a DSLR long time ago, unfortunately, his daughter (me) dropped it on the floor and lenses broke into pieces. No, he didn't get angry at me, but ever since that he did not take any photos anymore. 

Many tells me that buying a semi-pro is a waste of money and they told me that why bother to buy a semi-pro as I will probably become a pro-camera user soon after tahat. No, it doesn't make any sense here. I know myself. I hate gadgets with too much buttons and honestly I am a tech-naive. It's proven the moment when I dropped my dad's camera because I was trying to figure out which one is the snap button. Canon offers free tutorials for camera buyers, I believe it always come in handy but hey, again I can settle down with a semi-pro camera. 

Canon S90 was my first choice before Olympus PEN. I kept eye-ing on Canon's products because mine is a Canon, supposedly I can handle it since they are from the same company. So when I go through most of the forums on-line, some of them recommended Olympus PEN, E-PL1 or E-PL2. For you information, I am willing to spend more time on-line searching for information, such as the prices, promotions, specifications, and etc before I really spend my sweat, my hard work, my time, my efforts, my dignity wtf on the particular item. Apparently, Olympus PEN caught my attention more than anything. It makes me happy when I finally make up my mind and save all those misery moment searching for camera with a 14.1" screen, it was so eye-soaring and gosh it make my stomach uneasy after spending hours staring at the small screen. In the same time, it sadden me to realize that I have no sufficient budget. Gosh, need to earn more money not only for this camera, but for my September vacation as well.

Maybe GOD hears my prayer, or I just plainly too moody not to be noticed, boyfriend gave me a green light. As a token of his efforts, my first model is him. =) My current favorite mode is PIN HOLE under ART mode. Besides that, I'm trying to become a devoted wtf camera user, so please feel free to teach me how to use it, you know that information from real camera users really works on newbie like me.

PS : Jumping around happily x 154589658423153 times ♥