Alaskan Malamute


Now I officially introduce her to the media friends and readers!

I named her Gambit, chio, isn't it?

She is only one month plus,

very active and strong.

She can pull the metal chair using her baby teeth!

I bring her home last Wednesday.

She was shy and quiet,

did nothing but staring at me seems she has many doubts about her new home and family.

She has this weird habit where she loves to sleep on the water,

or she spills the drinking water on the floor and steps on it.

Joker is treating her good, they play together all the time but never sleep lying on each other.

She can go down the staircase without us teaching her!

Even Roche, the Belgium Shepherd of mine need to be taught step by step.

She is not Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute is way bigger size and stronger.

I need to switch on the air conditioner most of the time because she needs it badly.

Friends were asking is Alaskan the breed that pull the cart in snow?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Alaskan usually will be the leader of the group and the rest probably are all Siberian.

I used to think Siberian and Alaskan are the same breeds, haha.

But they are not. They look similar.

So I haven't start don't now how to train her, yet.

Let me figure it out then I can start to train her be obedient.

Mumble is the most obedient dog of mine, she is the champion ,still nobody can triumph her.

♥ Love much ♥