# I'm happy *Can see my big smile?*

Finally, after all the misery wtf of choosing laptop, several visits to different shops, I am settling down with VAIO!

# The box.

Firstly, the salesperson told me PINK is not available anymore. I was quite surprise and disappointed wtf miserable moment.

Surprisingly many people chose Pink instead of other colors, disappointed because I need to go to KL to get one.

I am forced to pick other colors. I reluctantly chose maroon. Maybe the salesperson saw my shit face, he checked the stock again. Maybe GOD hears me, 2 Pink laptop were found!

Both booked by others. It's really unfair isn't it? They paid small amount of money but possess the laptop.

I can't believe that such shop actually accept deposit wtf.

Approached the supervisor.I insisted to buy it no matter what.

# OMFG bimbo! Sad that Pink is the most chio color among all the colors.

I think I hate Pink. I spent almost an hour in the shop just to decide which color I should take.

# Them checking out the specifications.

I was vulnerable between 2 processors, either i5 or i7. i7 costs RM1000 extra than i5.

# I must say this sales assistant is very attentive and helpful compared to other Chinese there.

So what I'm being racist here? One of the advantage being a mix blood is you can make fun with different race. Kidding.

I never deny that I'm a total bitch, undeniable a difficult customer.

Every cents count, I withdraw thousands from the ATM and brought it with me.

I should capture their faces when I pay them with cash notes, funny! One of them sarcastically asked what don't I pay by credit card. Whatever. Bear in mind that I'm the consumer and he is just a salesperson in this shop.

Nowadays customer service is very important, agree? I rated the bunch of Chinese salespersons 1.5/5.

# Rushing for family dinner.

One for laptop, another one for case and bag.
# Watcha looking at?

# Time to set up the laptop while I'm watching National Geography HD.

Damn it makes me headache watching HD with such a big screen. =/ not recommended.

# Grin!

I'm a tech-naive. Other than the contents in books, I'm sucks in practical. Theoretically, I can tell you all sorts of technical knowledge about engineering. In reality,  I don't even know how to do recovery files. =/

# Still setting up the system. Watching E! News.

Well this is so much better than National Geography High Definition. The possibility of celebrities screwing their life are 4587951 times higher. Maybe we should blame the fame and wealth. Sometimes they are out of their mind, or they think they have higher  social rank in society, argh, quite annoying but I find it entertaining. Some of them are clowns entertainers in life.

# My sister is arranging her university course schedule on-line.
Her boyfriend was the one who owned a VAIO first, then my sister has one, now I have one too. =)

# Blogger must-know camwhore technique.

Seriously, I'm still learning how to adjust my angles. Let it alone the function of the camera. It a newly bought semi-pro camera, still figure out how to master it. =/

Maybe compact camera suits me better. One of the reasons I want a semi-pro is because I need a camera equipped with higher shutter speed, gosh my dogs can run so fast until all the photos that taken by my Canon so blurry, too much noise.

Secondly it is because I hate buttons. I understand most of the pro cameras are manually adjustable, which what I can see is only time consuming and too much hassle!

All I want is switch it on and snap snap snap =)

# I am awesome.

No no no I meant the computer is awesome, not me.

*It's only a computer name, right?*

I'd chose Intel Core i5 processor and can boost up to 2.93 GHz.

Most importantly, internet-surfing speed super fast! One of my pet hates is : Waiting, waiting and waiting. So it's really matter to me.

This newly bought Laptop is quite impressing. I tried Modern War Fare : Call For Duty and Grand Theft Auto. The system able to run both the games smoothly without lagging at all.

For your information, MWF game is the decisive program that tested on almost all the laptops to check the performance of system.

 From the point of money wise and usage, personally I think VAIO is better than Macbook and HP.

Frankly speaking, my previous one was Compaq, have a 6 months old RM6000 HP laptop,

VAIO is still the best. Many tells that buying VAIO is waste of money, with such amount of money I can buy Macbook Pro, and they thought Macbook is the better one. Well apparently it prove you wrong.

Although this CW VAIO is slightly expensive than lower range of Macbook,  but believe me it worth every cent you spent.

I paid extra RM350 to extend one year warranty to three years warranty. Trust me, it's very important.

I can't get my hands off wtf like small kids get new toys. I promise that I will be an active MSN user, you will see my online often.

*changing my display pictures and shout outs*


I am head over heels,  items in my wish list 2010 is achieved one-by-one, now left one on the list. Whee!


So, good night people! Toddlesssss.