Law Breakers.

Halal is the must-know word in Malaysia, don't you think so?

The counters were all opened but some of the customer lined up here without any non-halal groceries.

Argh whatever. Just thought it was quite funny thou.

PS : Photo above taken using N97.

Boyfriend and I went to Greenbox that night. It was been a month we never get the chance for karaoke session due to his busy schedule and I wasn't it Seremban frequently.

I was half-excited and half-hungry but the eagerness to hold the mic overwhelmed me.

Boyfriend went out for foods without me while I choose my song list.

Innocence / Telephone / Behind These Hazel Eyes / Blah Blah Blah / Down / See You Again / You Belongs With Me / Paparazzi / Fall For You / Viva La Vida / Can't Fight The Moonlight and etc.

Nothing much for Chinese songs because I can't even sing one for real. Gosh.

I was blasting the speakers with my broad voice and the consequences of my uncontrollable eagerness,

I hurt my kidneys. Serious. It hurts badly.

Boyfriend teased me I shouldn't use my kidneys to sing wtf.

Apart from that, Gambit has grown so much!

 Joker and Gambit.

What can I expect more from a Alaskan?

She is taller than Joker now but Joker's weight still unbeatable. I can foresee that she will as big as Mumble and Roche in another 2 months. Can't wait to walk her with the rest of dogs. *grin*

Boyfriend said that I shall not keep her in the room because she is not a toy breed and she gets wet all the time! 

Yes I meant it, she ist wet ALL THE TIME.

She'll pee on my carpet, poo at the entrance and turn her bowls upside down.

The water splashed on the floor and she is happily lie on the water.

I never use the hair dryer that frequent in my life,

my brother who has his room next to mine was wondering what on earth I kept blowing my hair.

 No, Alaskan has long fur and I have to make sure she is dry to avoid bad odour.

Bravo Gambit, you make mama works like a dog wiping your ass  groom you every evening before I can even take my bath.

Many friends asked if Alaskan is hard to take care of?

It's very subjective, you know?

I've been asking all those young mothers about taking care of kids.

They told me different answers but to sum up, most of them told me "They'll grow up".

To be frank, sometimes I find myself feel uneasy with kids,

they never failed to impress me and some of them, seriously knock you off with their smartness.

so kids, get yourself far far away from Aunt Roslyn, she'll bite.

Share her cute photo with you.

Joker is so adorable! She would play with you for the whole day and at 12 AM sharp,

she will climb up to the bed and hug one of my pillow, as what you seen in the photo above.

She snores when she sleeps. Faint.

She has this girlie habit, I was stoned when my mom told me that she loves to put on body lotion after taking bath with my mom.

Indeed, she has better smell than me every time she took bath, unbelievable.

I will only apply body lotion occasionally, but

she uses body lotion that costs RM98 per bottle twice a week that belongs to my mom.

It's unfair wtf, isn't it? My mom will never offer me to use her body/facial products.

 GPS for free.

For Nokia user, especially Nokia N97 users, now you can download GPS for free!

I've downloaded this app from Nokia OVI Store few weeks ago and I find it quite convenient yet troublesome.

As what boyfriend said : Just few buttons away and you can get your directions.

I've downloaded Singapore and Malaysia maps just for testing,

Apparently the map the details the roads info is not updated!

I can't see the map of my house in a new residential area wtf.

Additionally, it takes quite a long time for the satellite to locate your position, by the time they located you, probably you already reach your destination.

So the tips here is : Activate it about 10 minutes before you got into your car.

I should complaint so much, right? It's free anyways.

It's like they gave you food sample in the grocery area and you just shut up taste it, like it then buy it. If don't, shoo.

Joker's cute face on my handphone screen.

Once in a blue moon I will check my bank account via online-banking.

So I logged in last night and click on "account summary", shit.
Heart broken. The little amount that left in the account can't do much nowadays. 
*Now you should be able to guess what the amount. Sigh.*

I tell myself it's worth more than everything, my suffocation, my efforts. After all the hard time that you can imagine,

eventually I have my very own Olympus PEN and VAIO. Let alone those air tickets and good dine-in experiences.

This is life, so bear with it. I enjoy my life whilst the hole in pocket torn even bigger. Beat it.

Stop whining and ready for new challenge in life, see, I'm optimistic. *face beaming with happiness*

Off for dinner. Adios!