Woke up early in the  morning about 7AM. The bed is so tempting and I couldn't resist it, so I closed my eyes thinking to take a short nap before take a bath. Jumped off from the bed when the clock hits 8AM and rushed to the station pumped gas before heading to Ampang. Perhaps you guys still have no clue what I'm babbling here, wtf is Roslyn trying to say kind of thingsssss? Let's the photos do the talking. Happy reading peeps!

Indeed I spend my last Sunday with my one of my close friends during college studies by volunteering in SPCA Selangor. Carmen has been involved in volunteering works since I met her in college. During chit-chat via MSN, she mentioned that she is going to help out and I decided to go with her this time.

Despite of my kiasu-ing for not trusting my GPS system, where I took wrong turns and couldn't find the way to Carmen's house, eventually we still managed to reach there safely an hour late than what we planned.

# Carmen is changing the newspapers.

We joined in the team immediately once we reached there. As part of the workers, we clean the cages and change the newspapers before the feeding time. The dogs are so adorable and behave. Frankly, their intelligence and friendliness beyond my expectation. This is the first time I visited this warm house of abandoned animals. The animals, especially the dogs are well taken care and most of them are vaccinated. Sorry I did not spent time with the cats as much as with the dogs, as what I observed, the cats are well kept in big cages, SPCA provides a clean and cozy environment for our furkids.

# Aunt Rose is mixing sliced meat with cooked rice.

I almost have communication break down with her as we were assuming that we both are bananas and do not speak Cantonese. Funny thou and we realized the fact finally when I heard her spoke in Cantonese with Carmen. I answered her with Cantonese and she just gave me a big smile. Aunt Rose is the long term worker, all the dogs love her and they listen to her command obediently.

 # It's feeding time for furkids.

Surprisingly, we weren't the only two volunteered on Sunday. I'd seen many Caucasian families bring their kids to SPCA and taught them how to clean the cages and feed the animals. For safety reasons, they are allowed to feed puppies but adult dogs. I find that the adult dogs are not scary at all and they have good relationship with human. They'll wait courteously, I meant they won't bark at you rushing you to feed them with foods, when you open the cage, they will look at you gratefully, I am not kidding and not over-exaggerated it. You can try if you don't believe it.
# After the feeding time.

SPCA will only release dogs for adoption after de-worming, one vaccination and neutering operation. It's flea-free as well so no worries that you'll bring a sick pet home. For those who want a small size dog, I suggest you to take adult dogs because once they reach age 1, the size will remain the same, unless you feed your dog too much and cause obesity. Imagine I force feed you with foods down to your throat wtf you'll feel sick, right? So never do that to our men's best friend.

# Puppies for adoption.

The price range is RM150 and above for dog adoption inclusive the vaccination and de-worming. Vaccination is mandatory for our furkids once a year, same as BCG or whatsoever. One vaccination of 6-in-1 costs roughly RM35 to RM45. Apart from that, you need to bring them to the vet for heart-worm injection as well as neutering operation. Heart-worm charges will depend on the weight, for instance, 35KG roughly cost you RM150 for a yearly injection, and as for monthly pills, it should cost cheaper.

#Variety of pets that available.

Once you are successfully adopted a pet from SPCA, the staff will pay a friendly visit to your premises, where you keep your adorable furkid to see how your new pet settling with its new family.

#Furkids on board.

Different pets have different characteristics. You can't expect all of them should be obedient, intelligent, adorable or active. See the dog above? He is indeed a cute dog, he has this weird habit, he refused to step on the floor and would rather to have his bed and bowl on top of cages. The staff had combined few of the cages together so that he can have more space and to avoid his legs will stuck between the medal sticks when he walks, they had place the black mats for him.

# Sweet little blackie.

The dog above is quiet but she is lovely. I picked a stray dog from the street when I was in Standard 2, since then I can't resist to get more dogs. My mom unanimously labeled as the pet lover among her friends, she takes care of our dogs and never skip any of our furkids' medical visit to the vet. We, as the owner have the responsibility to keep our furkids safe and healthy.

# Please take me home.

You can start with the place where you keep your furkid. Make sure it's clean and dry. If you keep them in a cage, place a water-proof mat or newspaper to avoid their pee or poo split out and also for the convenience to clean the cage. After your dog come back from walk outside, wash their foots especially check out their paws for grass cut or stone cut. If you leave the wound openly, maggot will eat all his flesh and eventually, your dog will die of ultimate suffer.

# I beg you for not abandoning me.

Some of them are left on street by the owner. Those heartless and lack of moral value barbarian should die bang by truck on highway and nobody will attend his/her funeral they can just die alone rotten alone. I did not know why the dog in the photo above ended up in SPCA, however, the matter is this eyes infection is not a big problem and it definitely can be cured, it's just the matter of time and efforts. Routine eye-drops and vitamins will help but I don't know they have the money to bring her home probably for the fame of having a shihtzu but eventually this dog ended up here, maybe they intended to let her die on street.

# Shih Tzu for adoption.

I would rather not to know why are they sent to SPCA. These furkids have their new life here and this is what matters. Shih Tzu is one of the breed that need to pay more attention as they easily get infected potentially on the eyes. The owner should wipe the eyes area as well as regular bath because of their long fur.

# Love me as how I love you.

Pure breed definitely is more fragile compared to mongrels. For those first time pet owner, I strongly suggest you to adopt one from SPCA or pick up one from the street. Beware that stray dogs afraid of human and they probably bite your hands off when you're touching them. Share some of my experience with readers. I have 4 different pure breeds at home and another 4 mongrels at my another house. My 4 pure breeds are fragile and they visit clinics more than my mongrels did. For instance, you need to observe the inhalation of pug because of their short muzzle, most of the pug have breathe problem and probably died of that. Alaskan hate heat and I need to keep her in the aircond room for a meanwhile and going to install a ceiling fan soon in the car porch. Belgium Shepherd love jumping and running. Although boyfriend and I sometime tired after coming back from work, we will never skip her fun time at the backyard. Mumble indeed the most adorable dog of mine but she is more sensitive compared to the rest, so we mostly bear with her emotional moment we will just let her sleep on my lap throughout the day.

# Save a life by adopt one.

Owner is the guardian the parents of furkids. We should keep them safe and happy. Treat them like a human but pet. They need respects from you and most importantly, your love and concern. They have their right and believe me, all they ever wanted are your love, a safe place and sufficient food. Other than that, we should provide a space for them to exercise and toys for them to chew. Pets should be tied all the time, imagine I keep you in a small cage and all you can do is to move your big fat neck and drink the dirty water, what will you feel? I guess most of us would rather die by then.

# Caress me more don't stop.

To support SPCA, boyfriend and I, my family members too, will pay a visit to SPCA end of this week. Then, boyfriend and I will officially make monthly donation via auto debit. My boyfriend wouldn't mind to make donation, however, as I explained to him, I want him to witness the situation of our furkids in Malaysia and I am seeking for his fully support and confidence in my decision. Indeed, Malaysia is one of the infamous country in animal cruelty. Malaysians are lack of moral value in animal care, especially those who intentionally hurt the animals really can die now. Have you seen kids that throw stones to stray dogs and the parents did nothing. First, the parents are disqualified and brainless, the kids obviously will be like them when they grew up one day. I never stay silent when I see this incident, fortunately, my boyfriend and friends never stop me from doing it and some of them even scold the kids on behalf of me.

# Animals Matter To Me.

 Be a responsible pet owner. You can save a life by adopting one. I am a happier person even since I bring Mumble back to home. Then Roche, Joker and Gambit. I can't resist their cuteness and personal touch. They are always there for me tail wagging waiting for me to reach home after work. I celebrate their birthdays every year and definitely, it's their KFC time wtf I don't eat as much as them. Boyfriend and I will order ice cream cake, never chocolate flavour because it will caused toxic inside body and they'll die.

You can call SPCA everyday from 9AM to 4PM to enquire about pet adoption. The friendly staff will provide you further details. If you can't keep pet at home, you can always visit SPCA.

I am grateful to have a reader like you who patiently finish reading this entry. I am an extreme pet lover and I am hoping more of you to join the clan. *grin* Please bear in mind, once you adopt one, he or she will be with you probably 10 to 15 years. It's a long term relationship and love your furkids as how they adore you.

So, happy adopting furkid, readers! Find your new love there. Adios!