Because you know you can always count on him.

On a random Sunday, as usual I skipped my breakfast. I was having CSI series marathon, thus I skipped my brunch or lunch. It's a regrettable pleasure. I have gastric problem, by telling you this, I guess you know what I mean now.

So when he asked where I want to go for food, I told him I can feed myself a cow! When this word came in my mind, I thought of meatballs. And when I think of meatballs, I started to crave for Ikea meatballs!

# Tell me how ignorance I can be. I never know that IKEA is selling can drinks. When I found out, woots!

It's only RM1.00 for each! Reasonable?

I wrapped it using newspapers and brought it home.

Vegetable Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Shrimps. First time attempt.


Urgh, I seldom take sweet, especially desserts and cupcakes! Dessert shown above is free for each pasta you ordered. Fed my dogs when back home.

What else but the famous meatballs! Generous portion of meatball sauce.

I always ask for extra raspberry, the combination may look awkward, but believe me, the taste is incredibly matching and delicious! Yum-yum!

Chicken Chop ordered by him.

It may look like freaking too much of order for 2 person. We killed time by chit-chatting and by slowly we finished all the food. IKEA fries is much of stomach-filler compared to fries from other fast-food restaurants. I will make sure I enjoy every single bite of it by dipping it with raspberry and meatball sauce.

New flavor. =)

Airasia is giving out free seats! Have anyone of you booked air tickets?

Air Asia promotions very attempting, especially their free seats! It makes people reschedule their time table just for the sake of free seats a.k.a cheap air tickets!

It makes me go oh-oh and hot tempered when I can't book even one. *sigh*

I hate love Air Asia. Because of him, everyone can fly.