The Sky Peak! Despite the extreme hot weather, it's worth to actually take the cable train and went up the hill.

Cool building.

Spotted the Disneyland booth in the mall. I can't wait to go Disneyland!

This is Halloween!

Pacific Coffee.

Tips: I bought the Combo Package as I mentioned in the previous post on Madame Tussauds. 

Did not visit Ngong Ping 360. Ngong Ping 360 is slightly costly compared to Sky Peak, apart from that, you need to travel to another island. Perhaps I'll visit Ngong Ping 360 next time if I weren't spend time in Citygate Outlet.


That's just us.

Some scenery views from the Sky Peak.

Look what I've captured when I zoomed in the camera,

The older Hong Kong.

And when I zoomed out,

It's a street art!

Had a good time looking at those photos. Zoom in and zoom out effects, amusing, no?

The Sky Peak Restaurant.

We were left with not much choice there for dinner, might as well we went down and go to the restaurant we visited for the past few days. At least, they have what I've been craving for in the menu.

Stop right now, thank you very much.

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I want to be a mermaid.