Drummer Bee and I sort of get bored with the variety of food in Seremban so tonight we decided to try our luck in Damansara. I really have no idea where to hunt for nice food in Damansara, we ended up in The Curve. We were walking down the street until a credit card promoter of Standard Chartered stopped us. He was promoting the Platinum card eventhough Drummer Bee told him that we had one but he never stop pursuing us to apply one until Drummer Bee showed him his Preffered Standard Chartered. Seriously, why bother to promote it if you think that this man (to be specific, Drummer Bee) is telling you lie that you don't think he afford a Platinum, and you are sort of forcing him to show you his card then only you realized you are just another brick in the wall?

I was kinda annoyed by this promoter's shocked face and I just ignored him by pulling Drummer Bee to the entrance of The Apartment.

Stuffed Squids.

with shallots, mint, parsley and Parmesan in tomato and white wine sauce.

Tossed Prawn Pasta

Butterflied Lemon Chicken.

To be frank, Drummer Bee doesn't like The Apartment. I think it's because he ordered the wrong meal and I sort of finished it for him and I passed him my pasta. Aww what a good girlfriend I am. :) He commented that Butterflied Lemon Chicken taste weird but I don't think that anyways. This place made me think of my ex-colleagues. The price is affordable and the environment is cozy and relaxing. The ambiance is just right and I think it's one of the suitable hangout place with your friends.

Drummer Bee and I spent about an hour before we called for the check. Hard to call it a nice day if without a Java Chip. :)

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