So, before I was flying off to Hong Kong, I have my friends to list down a to-do list for me. One of my close friends listed down that I should take a photo with Hong Kong Police, considering Hong Kong police is iconic and we seen them in most of the Hong Kong dramas ,why shouldn't I?

It was such a hard task but challenge accepted. And


When there's a will, there's a way.

To be frank, I did met few policemen before this police. After seeing tourists rejected by policemen, I dared not to just approach them and say :  “师兄,可以同你影一张相某?”

I must be very #thickface in order to accomplish my mission but I was so nervous! Eventually, due to my #kiasuness that time I decided to ask the exact question. He was in shocked, I was ready for his rejection, but beyond my expection, the next thing I heard from him was:  “我以为你是日本人!”

师兄这样幽默!I super LIKE you!

Tsim Tsa Tsui Suzie.

I wasn't kidding you when I said that I was ready to accept rejection. I suggest you to wait for the police off-duty, thou it does sound impossible.They were actually don't allowed photo taking while they were on duties. Try your luck anyways.

Park Lane Shoppers Boulevard

Park Lane is located on Nathan Road beside Kowloon Park. Just for your information, while the boyfriend was buying a pair of shoes, I was doing serious business with the staff. She told me that all the shops along Nathan Road are owned by Stephen Chow and I was like wow he is so rich #likeaboss.

After that, the boyfriend and I took the interlinked MRT and headed to east Tsim Tsa Tsui.

As if we were in an airport.
Reached your destination.

Apparently, our public transports are nothing in comparison with Hong Kong. Trains come every 2-5 minutes, in Malaysia, the screen did showed the next train will reach for the next 2 minutes, but you slow-slow wait la, these are just myth. I was the victim of all these delayed KTM and LRT during my college studies.

#Tips : You hardly get lost if you able to read Mandarin and understand Cantonese. All the links and directions are precisely printed on the map, if you couldn't read map #firstworldproblem, then ask.

Trying out every cymbals.

We were in Parsons. The boyfriend did his research before touching down Hong Kong. Parsons is the distributors of Sabian.I never seen that amount of cymbals displayed in any shops in Malaysia. Neither Bentley. Even if they did, it is not Sabian. He found many of his favorite cymbals here! Disneyland is MY DISNEYLAND while Parsons is HIS DISNEYLAND. As a result, we spent the whole afternoon there. 

One of the reasons why our luggage weight exceeded and we needed to pay RM450 for it. After the musical instruments shopping, we needed to drag all the shopping bags back to our hotel room, considering the weight of few cymbals was MADNESS!

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