Basically, it's Asian version of Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

The night view.

Hong Kong Museum of Art

As you can see, Avenue of Stars is just located along the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It's easily reached by taking the MRT. You may need to walk a short distance before reaching the Avenue of Stars.

The famous cruise, Aqua Luna.
Another modern cruise.

There is light and sound show named Symphony of Lights staged at 8pm every night. Frankly speaking, it was quite boring but considering this show combines interactive lights with musical effect of those significant building from both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon restrict, I think it's worth to watch.
Symphony of Lights in action #1.
Symphony of Lights in action #2.
Symphony of Lights in action #3.

Don't say I don't share some tips with you. To get the best view of Symphony of Lights, stand at the bar side along the promenade, facing the Victoria Harbor. If you sit at the staircase opposite Hong Kong Museum of Art, you'll definitely annoyed by the big group of foreign tourists who have no basic manners in the public, you know what I mean.

The stage.
The Nine Red Pillars inscribing the cinematic history of Hong Kong of hundred years.

Avenue of Stars was under a minor reconstruction, we did not managed to take photos of two statues, which I believed both were Bruce Lee. However, one of the statue wasn't covered so took a shot of it.

Bruce Lee

The statuette of Hong Kong Film Awards


Our poses were just amateur level compared to the local. I've seen some of them took super natural yet creative photo with all these sculptures.

Just for your information, along the waterfront, there were plenty of photography stalls. All of stall owners are registered photographers, and to make themselves outstanding among all the stalls, they did offer variety of services, such as photo-editing and costume rental. Just pick your favorite stall, pose and wait for 20 minutes to get your photo done!

What's Avenue of Stars if without hand prints and autographs?

There are actually more! But since I only knew few so that's all from me. Signing off, have a great day readers!