Anticipated much!

The best thing of my Hong Kong trip was to spent days and nights in Hong Kong Disneyland! I meant, one of the best things. Not forgetting to mention how awesomely good to have a soul partner/best friend/culprit that love me so much to the point that he willingly accompany me to Disneyland!

Bought a new luggage.
My soul partner.

Not long ago I saw this from Xia Xue's blog. I was like Wah so cute! Can kiss Donald Duck! When I can go Disneyland! and so on. It was just a kiddy nag as I never thought I will be able to fly there within a year after reading the post. Thankfully that I got the chance to visit Disneyland before I get too old!

And to stay in Hong Kong Disneyland is like a dream! I don't even dare to dream about it, I'm very stingy and tend to count every cent that I've spent. I've checked the room rates. As what I expected, the rates is super high compared to any decent hotel in Hong Kong. Though I wish I could spend a night there.

Mickey oh Mickey!

The man.

He made my dream come true! He has been a supportive boyfriend, to the extent that he is willingly to pay for our hotel stays in Disneyland! Although he makes me mad sometimes, but I still adore him for what he has done for me.
The station.
It was a sunny day in Hong Kong.

They have free bus service to Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Hotel. No entrance passes or room keys is necessary to take the buses, which mean anyone could hop-on and hop-off between the hotels and the park. Before the bus arrive at the Disneyland Hotel, you'll see Hollywood Hotel. I think I was so too obsessed with Disneyland so I did not bother to go Hollywood Hotel, which I think I should have done that. What a waste!Now I must for the next trip seriously I don't know when.

Before entering the lobby.

The hotel was quite far from the park and there's no way for anyone to walk to the park under the hot sun! So my advice, take the bus instead.

While I was in the bus, I kept asking boyfriend why are we still not there yet?! Took about 10 minutes but it felt like hundred years. So, the long await entrance! By the way, strongly not recommend any of you to go Hong Kong during summer, it was so freaking burning hot!

Sunny day I'm so gonna melt!
Musical Fountain

Please, anyone with brain juice would never really spend half an hour under the hot sun, just to watch the whatso fountain. Spot Mickey Mouse in the middle of the fountain? It moved upward and downward following the rhythms.  Anyways, I watched it during the night time, the musical fountain was super awesome with the sound and light effects, trust me!

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.

 The significant view of Hong Kong Disneyland.

The main street.
This time Disneyland is not all about dreamy and cute decorative things!

Happy Hallooooooooweeeeeeeeeen peeps!

Look at the long queue! Mickey and Minnie Mouse have the most fans compared to other characters. As you can see, the queue was super long and I did not take the risk to drop dead and died due to the freaking hot sun!

Ended up I took few photos with other characters and chose to let go Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There were several souvenir shops around, where I bought all my pins from! Apart from that, there were also few cafes and restaurants, the price is unfriendly as well, lols! So plan well your Disneyland trip so you can spend less than expected. Enjoy!