Legendary Peri-Peri Sauce

Drummer Bee checking out the menu.

Chicken Livers and Portuguese Roll

1/4 Chicken With 2 Sidelines

Personally, my favorite sidelines are Peri Corn and Peri Chips.

Their famous Espetada

Espetada means "pierced", referring to how meat is pierced onto a skewer.

Ordered some starters to take away for my furkids.

When we were still young, dining in Nando's seems quite hesitated to us because we do not have Nando's in Seremban. The nearest branch we were able to go is in KLCC. Nando's used to be my favorite pat-toh place :) But now we both are busy working and taking care our own businesses and I gradually forgot about a place named Nando's until this fine day, I saw Nando's and yeah, we decided to have dinner there.

Same as yesterday, I ordered Lemon & Herb. He wanted to call for Extra Hot Peri-Peri but because I want to try out the 1/4 Chicken, he called for Mild Peri-Peri, how thoughtful he is. :) 

If it's your first time at Nando's, start with Lemon & Herb.
If you're feeling adventurous, go for Mild or even Hot.
Or evoke tears of joy with Nando's Extra Hot.

Happy Wednesday peeps!

PS : Countdown...3 days to go.