Many commented that Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest Disney Park compared to the other parks. But mind you I haven't got the chance to visit other park, so yeah Hong Kong Disneyland is quite a big park to me. Disneyland plays magic on me! I was incredibly a happy person when I was in the park! So please stop being sour and bitter, especially those who never visited Disneyland. Many tells that Disneyland is only for small human. Apparently I'm a bigger human but I love Disneyland so much!

That aside. The first thing I went is to the drawing class. It was the nearest attraction from the main entrance. Classes is scheduled every 30 minutes. Guess it was during the summer and there was no queue. Drawing was my favorite thing to do when I was young. It had been ages since I hold a crayon and draw.

The front row, like I always did in class.
The subject of the day.
"Shit, what is this?"

I think this is the ugliest Jack I ever seen. #kidding

Obviously this is my drawing.

From circle to something.
Toy Story!
From scratch.

The decoration.

Wish I could be part of your world.
Beauty and the Beast.


The Incredibles

The infamous stepmother.

I used to afraid of one of the singing scenes in Dumbo.

Tarzan without Jane, lol.

Don't forget to visit the Tree House in Disneyland! You can see how he lives with the gorillas.

It's not for sale! I would have brought the Tarzan sculpture if they were for sale. After the drawing class, you will lead to an exit and there you entered to another room where all the sculptures are displayed. Apart from that, there are also a video that repeatedly played throughout the day. From the video, you will be able to know more about how a cartoon was made.  Just a brief introduction, as told by Disney animation directors, it usually takes about 3 to 5 years to produce a Disney animation. The smooth movement by the characters you've seen in a cartoon was actually made by thousands sculptures that placed on a circular plate. While it's moving in a circular motion, it will be videotaped before the final editing.

The happy me with drawing.

Make full use of the attraction in the park and you make your Disneyland trip into a educational one! Anyways I've learned how to draw Jack. I know it's boring to some of you, but wait for more! I'll blogged about it soon, stay tuned folks!

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