Fu Gua Thong Restaurant

A friend from Puchong suggested bitter melon soup for dinner. Bitter gourd or commonly named as bitter melon is prescribed as an ancient natural curative to promote overall wellness and most importantly, it can lower blood sugar naturally, such as Diabetes.

Our order depended on him since he is a local. He self-proclaimed himself as the most convincing person to make the correct order, or we can slaughter him for good will.


Sweet-and-sour fillet.


The famous Fu Gua Thong.

It's a whole new experience. The fact is the soup is not as bitter as I thought and I think it's slightly sweet, but not the sweet-sweet but a good sweet. I am confused as you are now and I think you should give it a try 'cause I really suck at describing things. It was an 2-hours dinner with mates. Personally, I like the pork and the vegetable. The omelet is quite oily to me. I am not a fussy customer and the service is quite good but there will be a person approaches you to sell you some coupon books. Other than that, I'm satisfied with the environment although we were sitting by the roadside. There are plenty of restaurant specifically selling bitter melon soup, you just need to pick the one with good recommendation by the local people.So enjoy it, peeps! Happy Friday!