I thought I was gonna missed the call again. This is the 3rd time I took a plane without my father's accompany. The first time I queued up at the wrong line, I went to Emirates counter instead of Malaysia Airlines' for 10 minutes before my dad came and rescue told me. The second time was my trip to Hong Kong and luckily the ground staff was willing to re-open the check-in counter for me because I was late for 10 minutes.

As shown above, it was the final call before they close the gate.

Apparently the food is better than Air Asia's. They offered 3 different meals but only left the above two when the cart arrived my seat row. Ferrero Roche are the plus. Nom-nom.

The weather was not good. To be frank it somehow make me freaked out while I was in the toilet when the plane was breaking through the turbulence. I sat on the cover in case the waste leaked out, euu..

My companion during the 2 and a 1/2 hour flight. Got it a day before from Drummer Bee. Call me dumb but I prefer this tiny Shuffle compared to my previous iTouch. I passed it to him just after a month in my possesion cause it's quite bulky and complicated and I do not have the effort to update its software or apps.

Cantik kan?

PS : I miss my furkids.